1. Omg this comment is how I knew it wasn't real I was about to check

  2. I might have a thing for guy with a slight underbite 🥵🥵🥵

  3. 💀💀 not this bitch lmao his jaw is totally normally aligned

  4. Didn’t you hear? All Stars 8 is an ALL WINNERS cast!!! Loosey is going to slay the competition, hunny

  5. Unironically been so inspired to better myself by Mistress. If this bitch can be so fucking talented, funny, and mature at my age then wtf am I doing hahaha

  6. "that is so camp let's do it" i'm gonna say that to myself everytime i need to do something from now on

  7. Me when I feel the need to shit in a Glasgow parking lot

  8. The tie dye look was the only miss for me but the rest of her package is stellar! Looking forward to seeing her last few looks this season

  9. Really? To me it was one of the only good looks that night!

  10. I'm sorry, I'm looking respectfully, but is she fully untucked for the tie dye??? I live.

  11. Omg that's right, honestly the way she and Ru were giggling you could tell they both knew it was too stupid to win but just stupid enough to pass.

  12. I listen to SpongeBob SquarePants and you don’t see me getting bullied (this is because goofy goober rock objectively slaps)

  13. Honestly thought Luxx should've won this episode cus I STILL can't get "lookin good and feeling fine, don't need no man they waste my time" out of my head

  14. You rly thought you popped off lmao what a tragic attempt at a read

  15. I guess it means it's a curseword, like fck, sht and c*nt.

  16. the fuck? Any artist can be genuinely traumatised by terrible critique, especially in a very public setting—these are their hearts out on the line, remember.

  17. Marcia really did walk! She walked left! And right! To the back of the stage! And in between walking the house down she did a backbend and a split!

  18. She was saying on live a few days ago that production told her not to tell the judges the literal meaning behind her “torn to shreds” look. They told her it could put her mother in danger with immigration even though she was basically dying from stage 4 cancer at the time. But they aired her talking head explaining how it represents her mother crossing the border, so I really don’t see why it makes a difference for production? Regardless of how it was aired millions of people know her mother’s story now. Salina didn’t get to tell the judges to their faces the full meaning of her look, which was probably her most heartfelt runway of the season and something she was looking forward to doing. It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to be on the show knowing you are losing time with your mother. During her live people were asking her questions regarding Michelle and she wholeheartedly said “fuck that bitch” more than once. It seems some shit went down. I wish I screen recorded, she spilled a lot of tea 😭

  19. Not to defend that weird ass production instruction, especially considering they didn't have to air it if she did tell the judges.

  20. Oh fuck well not sure when that was filmed but I'd seen on this sub she'd passed, hopefully I'm wrong

  21. Are you honestly trying to tell me that you can't be outside for 15 minutes in Florida without being drenched in sweat?

  22. I live in Queensland, Australia's Florida, and no I can't. I turn my air conditioning on and put several bottles of water in the fridge before making the 15 minute trip to my pharmacy, then come home and stand in front of the air unit chugging water for half an hour.

  23. The thing is that you would probably not do this if you were gay and had a platonic friendship with another gay man

  24. I can confirm this is not true, I left my phone unattended at a RuPauls Drag Race watch party and returned to multiple pictures of balls in my camera roll.

  25. As an Aussie this person is a psycho, we do NOT eat steak this way

  26. The way Orville dropped the Daria reference as if Luxx was old enough to get it. 💀

  27. Girl I'm Luxx's age, and Australian where it wasn't nearly the phenomenon there. Any of my friends who haven't seen it know what it is.

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