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  1. Sounds good. But when would I begin the process of affiliating with the reserves? Before my AC commitment is up or after?

  2. before if you do not want a gap in service. I left active in April and crossed to the reserves in April as well, and started the process in December. they did me a solid by expediting my reserves paperwork, but you should start no later than 6 months out.

  3. breaux Winery or Paradise Springs are my two favorites, and can both be done in that price range!

  4. Nope. Exact same type of car and seats. You’re just guaranteed a double seat to yourself.

  5. guaranteed a double seat to yourself? is this a Covid policy? not at all challenging you, just newish to using amtrak and didnt know this was a thing. is this for all trains or just the starlight?

  6. No this is just a policy on the Superliner long distance trains that offer business class. Which is only the Coast Starlight. Since they use the exact same type of Superliner coach car for their business class product, the only way to make it “business class” is to just block seats on it. It would just cost them way too much money to refurbish only 4-5 Superliner coaches to put them only on the Coast Starlight.

  7. ah darn, my Silver Meteor roomette trip was cancelled for this Thursday evening so now I am on a palmetto Friday from DC to Charleston and was hoping that block seat would be a thing for me as well haha. thanks for the info!

  8. Egwene is hands down my favorite character. I can totally see why people dislike her, as she is DEEPLY flawed, but that's part of the beauty of her arc, seeing her push forward despite her flaws to effect massive change.

  9. not on base housing advice, but when I worked near Kunia, I really enjoyed living in Millilani Mauka

  10. the 'friends' that i met on the apps really only were ever there for one thing, and i fully accepted that.

  11. I saw that you said episode 7 was the hardest to watch because of the bullying, but I’ve had the most issue with episode 8. The montage at the end triggers like a weird anxiety dissonance that I haven’t quite figured out yet.

  12. I experienced the same anxiety at the end montage as well! for me, I think it concentrated all of the emotions into one, while also adding in an element of time passing by quickly which filled me with anxiety about my own life and how fast I seem to be hurtling through my own life. dunno if that helps you at all, but thats where I landed on why i felt weird during that part.

  13. Bruh the fact that that sub exists and it has more than 100 people, really goes to show just how much the show has had and is most definitely continue to have profound impact on so many people. I’ve never seen another show with their own “coping” sub.

  14. forreal, I did not expect the sub to gain any traction, but it has been incredibly helpful for people to vent and talk and gain support and work through emotions. I love it!

  15. 'A Thief in the Night' ... showed to us in my fifth grade class at a christian school >.<

  16. <3 we love you bro. you are worth loving. I am glad that you are able to start workng on your traumas so you can start living, instead of just surviving.

  17. Brookland is a very dog friendly and walkable neighborhood, but pretty much anywhere in the City is honestly.

  18. I dont have anything of substance to add, but I wanted to say hello to a fellow AG survivor (I was born into the AG, attended a christian HS, and then went to an AG University before joining the Navy and realizing I was gay and finding out that there is more to christianity than the republican party haha)

  19. Are you truly saved if you didn’t live in fear of hell at age 13 because you hadn’t spoken in tongues at youth camp yet?

  20. I am also chasing that Heartstopper feeling in other shows, is young royals any good?

  21. its kinda a weird rec as its definitely a different genre than HS, but SENS8 is the first show to make me feel queer joy, so it may be along the same lines, but it is NOT innocent so...

  22. Ignore my comment below, I’m tired haha. I’m leaving it because I don’t like deleting evidence of my mistakes,!and I am very glad you did in fact join us here!

  23. 🤣 Jesus. I need to go to bed, and also, it seems most of my feed is Heartstopper right now. Ugh. The mortification lmao

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