1. Unfortunately, Vayen doesn't have what it takes to kill the gods. Not with his kit.

  2. Yup. Also preemptively named it gf before checking it’s gender

  3. It identifies itself as a female gothitelle.

  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/DissidiaFFOO/comments/xslgc7/gl_de_transcendence_minimize_number_of_characters/

  5. Is it in the last page? Happened the same to me with her BT+. I think it is the last page of skills that doesn't show up, so whichever skills you have there, you won't be able to use it.

  6. I can't complete this quest, as I don't have Tifa's FR maxed and I don't want to. I'll have to wait until I get an FR that I want to max from any of those games.

  7. I just want her BT, but I'll try to get her FR as well (just not max it). As for Rinoa, my gems are ready.

  8. Rewards in this game are shit, end of story. I have been playing less and less. And I used to spend money in this game. I am not a whale and I feel a lot of players would spend some money in the game if it was more rewarding.

  9. Sadly he came out during the time jecht came out and I used him a lot

  10. Sadly, his BT+ came out right before C90, so he went back to the bench again. But I greened him because when his BT came out, I pulled his kit and used him in sooo many Lufenias.. I only stopped using him after Tidus BT came out. Tidus has since then been my top choice.

  11. I intend to get both, but I won't max her FR. I have maxed too many FRs and I want Rinoa.

  12. If I remember correctly, a wild (non lucky) 100% would be much rarer. Still, I would definitely take OP's luck any day.

  13. Rarer than a galarian articuno that has 0.3% change of spawning? And 90% chance of fleeing? Galarian legendary birds are very rare as it is. 100% is the cherry on top.

  14. Looks like you randomly evolved this? There are things you can do to force the type of evolution it changes into

  15. Chocolina kit: assigns missions during battle, which awards you with buffs once completed.

  16. Cor, Kain and Grandad = 30% per enemy AOE attack, it set up properly.

  17. If it turns out to be something good, you can buy pokebals during the encounter.

  18. Tickets, although I'll pull until I get Cor's FR

  19. Reno/Auron: Well, they seemed to like killing themselves.

  20. Got invited to a remote Kartana raid. I jump in and there’s 5 others in the lobby. I figure that’s plenty since PokeGenie shows my damage contribution at above 70% and everyone else is minimum level 46.

  21. Five is enough to do that raid. Kartana is double week against fire, sooo...

  22. So don't see the point of people quitting

  23. Yep, one of the absolute worst evolved shinies. The green is so much better than just a slightly different shade of pink than the normal version.

  24. I should have googled before I evolved mine.

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