Activision at it again. Plagiarizing someone else’s work.

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  • By - v78

To all people who think America is fucked, what one thing would you change to try and fix things?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Music and guitar. Barring that, you just have to let the thoughts run their course, don't fight them, don't act on them -just let them become background noise. Don't bat them around in your head or entertain them, your brain is gonna make noise, just don't get to anxious about it. Breath and drink water.

  2. And American and Israeli papers definitely aren't biased.

  3. America's news is actually quite diverse. Actual legit news channels like PBS, NPR, NBC Nightly News etc have a set of fairly rigorous standards they follow when reporting news. "Opinion News" on the other hand is worthless, don't care if it's left or right. These days they just making noise for 24 hours. Shep Smith was one of the last honest ones on Fox as far as I can tell.

  4. Living in your home is not using civilians as human shields. As long as israel continues to assassinate people, civilians will be killed as collateral, it’s a choice israel makes and Israelis are ok with.

  5. It's a well documented strategy of Hamas.

  6. Threw a spray can into a fire, something for cars I think, mighta been hairspray. Been 30+ years ago. It was like, 1 am. Minutes later BLAMMO, hot ash and shit everywhere, my buddy got winged with shrapnel on his left hand. Sucker blew sky high, took over a minute for it to land I believe, looked like a burning comet streaking through the sky.

  7. All the cigarettes because clearly it is the apocalypse and you can trade a carton or two if smokes can be traded for just about anything.

  8. Why are they even allowed to continue to exists as an entity? THIS level of fraud should be met with an asset sell-off and prison for all involved. OH WAIT they're RICH so it's okay!!

  9. Hope you get compensated, they owe you, Make 'em pay -your price, not theirs.

  10. Bed Bugs - they have no evolutionary purpose whatsoever, it is one insect that could go extinct and it would actually make the world a better place.

  11. Thank you. I swear half of the TIL posts lately are people barely reading their own links then posting wild claims.

  12. A disinformation propagation tactic I have been seeing is when they post a link that has nothing at all to do with the claim or reference it in anyway -but it still gets like a thousand likes and shares on face-book it's as if people don't read the link at all -just propagate the claim.

  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armin_Meiwes

  14. So then it's OK that the U.S. keep giving weapons to the Saudis to use in Yemen? You don't seem to have any problem with that, now do you?

  15. I am from US , we were very outraged and blew up social media accordingly and wrote our senators. There were organized grass roots efforts to keep those weapons out of Saudi hands. I am still livid knowing US weapons were used to kill innocent civilians for the POS Saudis. Shoot all the muhadeen ya want, world doesn't need backward ass holy warriors anymore but leave the children and civs alone.

  16. I think it's a shit situation and the facts have been so skewed that the international community should just stay the hell out of it Both sides are just horrible hate filled, (religiously) entitled human beings that simply don't want to be neighbors with the other. It is that simple and everyone pretends it's more than that. It's not. It's just racism, that's all it is. Two populations of racists', hating each other. Your opinion, my opinion, the opinion of the world do not matter. If the Palestinians had a bigger budget, you would see a lot more Israeli deaths, grantee ya. Israel is just the better funded racist and that's the only difference.

  17. Wage theft on an epic scale. The number of hourly workers getting raw fucked out of the hard earned wages by shitty bosses is insane.

  18. I worked for a big regional trucking company for some time in the wash-bay before I moved to road maintenance. We worked about 60 hours a week, picking up trailers in the yard-dog, hauling them to the wash-bay, cleaning them and then returning them to the yard. Never left the property, nothing like that. Never left the parking lot really. So they(our employers) decided we were drivers and drivers were not subject to over-time pay according to our state laws. So about six months before my start date, a young guy that worked there all of two weeks, called the labor board about how he had not received overtime pay. So I am working there about a year, labor board rules wash-bay employees are not drivers and we were owed a shit ton of back pay. They ended up "promoting" me to a 40 hour a week job that paid slightly more than the wash-bay job...so I got promoted and ended up earning less as did two other wash-bayers, one moved to mechanic bay running clean-up and they created a full time maintenance position for the other. The ones with the money always win in the end.

  19. The fact that you added the gravitational lensing. Pixel art masterpiece this.


  21. Feed and house as many people as I can.

  22. Let's say you are running for President. Could you be excluded from the ballot for not releasing your Tax Returns to the Rhode Island Election Board?

  23. Pretty much every time a comic scene in a movie depicts people as being high, it's much closer to what shrooms are like. High people really don't behave that strangely.

  24. I know whole construction crews that have regular "safety meetings". They are stoned as hell and swinging hammers and digging holes.

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