1. Only in todays world can we tune in to some kind of a monitor and watch people win medical procedures like a gameshow as we all watch

  2. Like the scene in Idiocracy where people in the hospital are pulling slot machines to win free medical care.

  3. Let’s just say there’s a lot of infrastructure catching up to do. It can be beautiful though. Dallas and the surrounding cities have so many beautiful walking trails and nature preserves but highways are stuck in a loop of being redone in certain areas.

  4. 635 will be under construction forever... eventually it will be a 50 lane highway with underground toll lanes that cost about $5/mile.

  5. My ex was in the army (I saw his DD-214) but he would tell me all kinds of shit like he was in some elite special forces unit that not even the President was supposed to know about. He told some wild stories.

  6. https://www.cnn.com/videos/weather/2023/01/20/ufo-shaped-lens-cloud-stuns-turkey-cprog-orig-aw.cnn

  7. Wait, they do that?? I've never bought a house a single woman so I've never seen that. I'm about to get into the housing market and will be financing the house under my name only since my husband has no income at the moment.

  8. Same here. We recently lost my stepdaughter and I secretly hope she's at peace now in an afterlife.

  9. I don't think of them often. Not worth my time.

  10. Utah has a law that car dealerships must be closed one day per week. Effectively the same law.

  11. Carrying a violin in a paper bag... used to be illegal in Utah

  12. What an absolute unit. I just wanna snuggle him under a blanket!

  13. Your employers are morons. Work in software consulting and I actively encourage end users to try to break the system during testing, to do what feels natural.

  14. I'm in programming, and I appreciate bug reports (even when it's my own code being buggy). The ways that people come up with to break the system are truly impressive.

  15. I also recently took a look at our takeout spending. It is truly astonishing how much we've spent, and the weight I've gained is becoming quite obvious.

  16. Lol the Bose person transferred me to the French bilingual line, that guy spoke perfect English. He fixed my Bose issue and helped me with a French vocabulary question

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