1. Well if it weren't for literally everything you've done in the last 5 years, AB, maybe we would've gladly made this happen.

  2. If you weren’t the person you are maybe you could’ve done this!

  3. As mentioned, I agree it’s a pretty dumb rule especially in this sort of context but I understand why it exists.

  4. I mean, I don’t think he’s saying it shouldn’t be a rule that the player without the helmet is protected, but maybe call the play dead like they do in the NFL? Don’t punish the guy who got his helmet ripped off. It’s not like it’s something that happens so often that it’d disrupt the game, and it prevents incidents like this

  5. So that any yahoo could just lose his helmet when he fucked up on defense? Yeah, no thank you.

  6. I mean, I think it’d be pretty easy to tell when a player took their own helmet off vs when a player had their helmet ripped off

  7. The chants were just because of the chants shesty was getting in Pittsburg

  8. Petersson got his helmet ripped off and Rangers got a PP from it

  9. Oh please, you got away with a high stick goal even with review. Every single close class went your way this series, consider it even now.

  10. Yeah I’d like to see any image you have that proves it was a high stick.

  11. Yes. Don't need to do the chin strap either. Legit just put it on your head.

  12. Lmao that’s hilarious Don just said it doesn’t have to be fastened

  13. As the analysts who have actually played the game have explained, it’s actually not that easy

  14. Babe wake up, new Completely Legal Hockey Strategy just dropped.

  15. Ironically enough this is the second time in 2 straight playoffs that the Pens got fucked by this rule

  16. Do they? Looks dead even to me, especially where you look at where Guentzel hits Igor’s glove

  17. This will be a controversial call but good god what a beaut of a goal

  18. Man doesn’t get any closer than that

  19. Yes let’s start ECHL goalie Alex D’Orio very intelligent

  20. Is this your thought or was it actually sourced?

  21. He was the first goalie on the ice for practice but Domingue was the first goalie off

  22. Something something refs rigging the series for the Pens

  23. if youre badly concussed you'd have a rough time skating for sure, its hard enough to get out of bed

  24. Yes but this is a guy with a significant concussion history, which means they're going to take every precaution even if he's not badly concussed

  25. It's unfortunately in keeping with the Penguins' history. Major injuries and the Penguins have walked hand-in-hand throughout most of the Crosby era.

  26. Boo boo. They’ve still won 3 Cups. Not allowed to complain.

  27. Imagine how many more cups we would've won if we didn't have one of the highest man games lost in the league

  28. also absent: feelings of happiness and optimism

  29. Penguins fans: "wow our team looks really good"

  30. I've never heard of this person before, so in true Pittsburgh Penguins fashion, he will put up 3 points including the game winner and then return to the aether.

  31. He played a decent amount of games this year

  32. Smart plan. Make sure he’s really good to go, if he even comes back this series. Really pulling for the Pens after that hit. Hope Malkin and co. light ‘em up.

  33. You don't need to tell Malkin twice to light someone up. Even when there's 7 minutes to go in a one goal game and he's cross checking someone in the head.

  34. Yeah, I'd prefer it if we didn't tell Malkin to light up anyone or anything.

  35. "Geno you know what bud why don't you just stay away from all other players"

  36. Sadly the initial concussion was one of the dirtiest chicken shit plays of all time. Steckel is a massive POS.

  37. Blood still boils thinking about that hit. Imagine how different his playing career might have been if that hit never happened.

  38. What is Trouba’s arm doing in that position…?

  39. Lmao that is rich coming from the fanbase that has been whining this whole series

  40. Why no comment on the dirty hit Malkin laid on Guentzel?

  41. Well, they aren’t playing soft that’s for sure

  42. I think this map suggests Rangers played bad.

  43. Now I don’t know a lot about maps but this looks like a bad map if you’re cheering for the New York team

  44. I don’t think he was being ironic

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