1. I feel you! I got into this habit of doing other things while watching TV, so I play VNs while watching TV on weekday nights after work. Same on the weekend too actually, if I’m watching TV. Used to read before bed but I soon realize that will ruin my sleep schedule so now I stop xD. But yeah, there is def not enough time..especially I also planned to read certain amount of books and finish the other 10 games I started last year/years ago

  2. I thought that’s the reason why he’s doing it 😂 (i mean to help ppl realize how ridiculous the game is)

  3. Hmm since you mentioned US, it’s definitely not like that in turns of the salary gap and a lot of people who are white collars are happily making a mid ranged salary (decent but not a lot) and enjoy a good work life balance (a really good one) instead of moving up. Even in the US, some blue collars can make really good money and probably more than some white collar, altho some “blue collar” professions may also require a college degree nowadays.

  4. YES SERIOUSLY.. I kinda thought there is going to be something like that from the beginning, since it is called the key “maiden”.. but then I was like, that’s so cliché it can’t be.. and guess what?!

  5. I don’t but it’s also because I can’t. But we do have workbooks with built in macros and someone built it. I suppose whenever those forms get too old someone (among us) will need to update them. And no one knows how to.

  6. I thought Amy and Laurie are perfect. Meg said at one point that she views Laurie as a little brother I think, plus like others said, she fell in love with Mr. Brooke. Jo and Laurie could potentially work out but probably not in that time period, imo. What surprised me a little (I was probably 12 when I read the book tho) was how Amy and Laurie seemed to fall in love out of sudden. I felt like it was a bit forced, but considering they did grow up together it’s also not something completely out of the ordinary.

  7. I’d say (also my first thought) it’s probably not a mistake but an intentional use cuz “cat loaf” is quite popular and the op probably knew people were gonna answer, “loaf”, just like people did here. But it could also be a mistake.

  8. I actually realized pretty recently (thanks to lost ark) that it really irritates me when people say “xxx, boys!” The guild leader of the guild I was in was saying that all the time and I really annoyed by it. BUT, if he had said “xxx, guys!” I’d totally be fine with it 🤣. So yeah, between “boys and girls” and “boys”, I’d rather they say “boys and girls”, or just “guys” or “all”, so much more convenient imo and includes all and everyone in between.

  9. I also got the same vibe from It Ends With Us by Hoover - I liked the ending but the first half of the book really felt like a Wattpad fanfiction with a love triangle between unremarkable main character and two successful, handsome, rich, perfect in every way men that both can’t live without her

  10. I can’t stand those friends in It ends with us. I mean why even write them? What’s their purpose? Being rich and makes 7 digits a year? Lol

  11. I liked the first half of The House on the Cerulean Sea a lot, but the second half was a muh for me. Other books that fall into the category are: It ends with us (I strongly dislike all of the characters, that really amazes me), The Poppy War (the writing, pacing and character development are just not good, besides that if there is anything left, is merely ok).

  12. My “dream job” - toxic environment insane hours and a sweatshop. They keep promoting me. Three years later I’m trying to get out still. It’s fucked!

  13. I read the first book in the series, and…long story short it’s slightly lower than average of all the books I have ever read.

  14. It depends on the plot for me. I tend to check the plot, if I’m really invested, because I just can’t wait to see what happens. But I don’t read into details, I’d just do a quick check and get an idea of general direction. There are also books I don’t check at all. I can’t really tell when I will check and when I won’t, it depends on the book.

  15. I scrolled through many comments to look for the "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" comment but didn't find it. In case this hasn't been said yet: What a disappointment.

  16. Well I use Apple podcast and the only way to give a feedback is to leave a review. Most of the time when I want to leave something, it’s episode related but I don’t think Apple podcast shows reviews that way. If I review/leave a feedback, it’s for the whole podcast not the specific episode, and that’s not exactly what I want to do. So yea, I ended up not leaving anything behind.

  17. Yeah that happens quite often unfortunately. At the beginning I didn’t want to believe that was the reason but after a couple of occurrences it really just disgusts me now.

  18. Yeah that’s pretty true. It’s quite unfortunate we judge or being judged irl and that hinders us from being friends with each other.

  19. I like both but VN more. I feel like if I want to read, then I will most likely go for a “normal” novel as opposed to LN, one major factor is that they cost similar but LN has so many volumes in a series which really adds up to a large amount. Another thing is VN has a higher reread value than LN in my opinion, cuz you do have options and they lead to different outcomes.

  20. So this year I decided to actually put in some effort for thanksgiving and I baked a chicken. It’s nothing comparing to a turkey but I still spent a lot of time marinating it the day before and baking it on the day of. After I finished that and ONE side dish, I was completely done. xD everywhere aches. And I didn’t even clean up at that point. Probably won’t be doing that again for another year, next year at this time I will probably forget about the pain and attempt at a proper thanksgiving dinner again.

  21. Is the remaster of ME as good as the first? Have they changed a lot?

  22. Ohhh yes I didn’t really play what remains of Edith Finch myself but watched a playthrough instead, I love the story! And it’s a good balance between story and gameplay. The ending was disturbing tho..

  23. Hmm you know those story based games, they will have dialogues which you can choose your answers etc, then you will go fight or explore. Visual novels are like that but with pretty minimal fighting or exploring part xD you basically read through a bunch of narrations and dialogues, with, obviously, game like visuals, cut scenes, animations. You can search up Doki Doki literature club on steam, it’s pretty good and it’s free.

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