1. Battle ships are painted grey so they're not so easy to spot on the horizon. Don't get that shit in your hair bc it takes forever to get it out.

  2. Back in the 80s they called that shit ADD, before ADHD. They gave us Ritalin (speed), and then Cylert. Best part of my day was getting in the car with Mom smoking.

  3. God I can’t judge you since it’s your preference but even if they haven’t pooped just the sweat the builds up in there just makes me gag

  4. That shit'll be falling out my crack all over the house. Better to leave it at work.

  5. I have my ex's name tattooed on my neck. It's affected my perception in the past. I wanna get it removed.

  6. TikTok purportedly sales user data which influences targeted ads. Same thing with huawei several years ago.

  7. Me too! It turned cold over here on the east side. It's not even winter anymore.

  8. Got hit by a drunk driver while riding a motorcycle. Wouldn't suggest, that shit hurt.

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