1. Can someone explain what is gained by no longer referring to Washington as Father of the country and Madison as Father of the Constitution?

  2. Call me a radical liberal but maybe that a question for a debate between professional career educators instead of armchair experts on reddit or ex CEOs…

  3. Not that this is going to help you so take it with a grain of salt. I own 12 airbrushes, Badger, Iwata, Harder & Steenbeck, Grex, GSI Creos, Paasche are brands I own and without a doubt my most hated was the Neo. I got it early on too and almost threw in the towel on airbrushing. Glad I didn't, replaced it with the GSI Creos and my eyes were opened. I never looked back. I don't want to say it's you not the brush but in this case I feel it's the brush. That's how much I don't like the Neo. If possible replace it with a brand I mentioned here and feel reborn. Good luck my friend

  4. Yeah, I don’t own as many airbrushes, but I was glad to be rid of the neo — and I never looked back.

  5. Yeah, it is just a little tricky. You just kind of have to wiggle it and try different things. This is the worst part of my Neptune 2 imo.

  6. I am acknowledging this is a historic and unprecedented shortage and it lays solely at the feet of Kamras, Stoney, and the School Board for failing to act preventatively over the last 4 years.

  7. Yeah it’s wild how districts around here drag their feet on hiring. They really shoot themselves in the foot because all the quality teachers seal their contact months before some districts even post listings. Chesterfield called my partner like 2 months after she applied and she was like “ummm I already got a job at a private school that pays super well”…

  8. "RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Exactly one month ago, Superintendent Jason Kamras proposed multiple recruiting activities to fill 209 vacant teacher positions. The activities included a $10,000 incentive for new teachers and a $1,000 incentive for teacher retention in the fall. As of Aug. 15, Richmond Public Schools announced that 144 teacher vacancies still remain. However, Kamras said long-term substitute teachers would fill 100 positions. The school system plans to continue actively hiring new teachers throughout the school year until the long-term substitutes become full-time teachers."

  9. That $1000 retention bonus should go a long way to cover checks notes a small part of the 10% inflation when teacher wages have been dirt for the last decade.

  10. An Amazon echo is a great addition to a printing station. Hands free timers, music, reminders etc. when you really can’t use your hands.

  11. Yeah, this was hands down the biggest upgrade to my printing experience tbh.

  12. Isn't this the broad that likes to get railed on at the gym by multiple guys at the same time? Including a "yoga guru?"

  13. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, imo.

  14. Do they also say an orc, or dwarf with 16 STR is stronger than a human with 20 STR? Stats are consistent regardless of sex or race.

  15. What about a male half elf with 14 strength who shape-shifts into a female dwarf vs a female drow with 18 strength who has a +1 strength modifier from magical equipment tho?

  16. Honestly just go get a prismacolor colored pencil and use that to edge highlight if you’re just trying to get an army done.

  17. I’ve had astoundingly good customer service for Elegoo. Always replaces items quickly if broken — once even clearly my fault — and their tech support is knowledgeable and helpful.

  18. I'm using water washable resin. And I washed for about six minutes. I thought the peeling on the upper later was perhaps the exposure time?

  19. Honestly water washable is probably the heart of all your problems. Water washable resin is just regular resin with properties that are so poor that water can easily break it apart in its uncured state. The fact that it’s water washable means it is likely more dangerous for humans and other life (who are made of water) — and, somehow, they market this all as a good thing. I imagine if you go to regular resin using two IPA baths, your problems will go away.

  20. Nah, it said “very close”. That excludes his wife and entire family.

  21. At my first job I messed up a print job that cost a few hundred dollars and felt awful. Can't imagine what it feels like to be the employee who sends almost half a million dollars to some scammers...

  22. Honestly it is probably a problem with state procurement and verification policies.

  23. I’m not really sure what “airbrush medium” is. With Vallejo you really need to play it by “feel”. The needle size, application need, air pressure, paint thickness (paints vary) and ambient humidity all play a huge factor, so it isn’t 1 size fits all. That said, I probably usually do 3 drops thinner + 2 drops flow improver to 5 drops paint most of the time.

  24. Reddits young and entitled crowd ain't the place to advertise manual labor for a job paying market rate

  25. It ain’t market rate if no one wants to do it for the rate they pay, lmao.

  26. Reddit isn't indicative of the market. Just an echo chamber

  27. They are posting this because they are having a hard time finding anyone to do it for what they are paying, dumb dumb. That means the market decided they weren’t paying enough. This is supposed to be fundamental capitalism. Use your head.

  28. If you’re new to painting, I would stick to acrylic paints. They dry much faster than oils and enamels and are just easier to use. High quality paints from a brand like Vallejo would be a very safe bet — cheaper paints like craft paints tend to have consistency issues with pigment.

  29. I would switch to a regular resin instead of that gimmick marketing ploy that “eco resin” is imo.

  30. So what your telling me is all you need is a cup of water to put out a grease fire.

  31. Firefighters Hate This One Trick They Don’t Want You to Know About.

  32. Honestly you should be fired for how wildly dangerous your behavior is — not for your inability to fix the machine.

  33. It’s due to some contracting thing like another company has rights to make Star Wars action figures and Bandai was worried the 3D ones would be action figures so they make them 2d.

  34. It really feels like a push to shift the hobby away from a community of people sharing creative work and more towards Games Workshop Official (TM) Paint Schemes (TM).

  35. A lot of the drive for medical privacy comes from capitalism and class. The embarrassment of having poor dental or stds is almost entirely class based — especially paired with an inability to receive proper treatment. Likewise, we need medical privacy to prevent our employer from firing us because we have HIV or something in a capitalistic society. In Star Trek there is little of this and I would argue that situations where it is on screen are inconsistent writing.

  36. I’m gonna go home and eat 3 pounds of bacon to show whatever vegan put this up that they are wrong.

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