1. Agreed. The show is already so formulaic, even the later seasons of KN-US the only really great episodes were the "deep dive" two-parters like the meth-head chef episodes or the kid whose step-father stole his inheritance.

  2. For me, personally, the show stating that Saint Clair Shores is some kind of party boating town during the summer. Um, no. I've only seen fishermen on their boats during that time of the year. And if there were any partiers they where heading up Lake Saint Clair towards Grosse Pointe where people do party it up at the Yacht Club.

  3. The company's goals have grown beyond what can be achieved through nepotism hires. They're finally putting experienced professionals in these roles.

  4. You got it. I've been saying in this board for years that the cronies can't compete with entertainment professionals.

  5. The stock is up a lot today after Morgan Stanley raised their price target for it. I don't see the scandal making much of a difference.

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