1. Allure, for sure. Kinder is great but it's not or miss each month and allure is typically always good. It's $23 and a mix of full size and sample size.

  2. It's GBX month did you forget and need to go select for GBX? Or did you have a billing error and not get billed? Go to your account page and see if there is an exclamation point next to the billing area or just go to account and then click glam bag plus and make sure it says at the bottom "successfully billed for February"

  3. This was mine I wanted the contour palette 😭 I’m also interested in the odacite cream

  4. Mine was replaced with the GBX this month so I'm curious to see how you guys liked your bags!

  5. I'm curious to see how this turns out! I decided last minute to get one and I'm pretty happy with it. Was hoping for more high end exclusive new items in the choice sections.

  6. I really liked mine this month, every item actually which hasn't happened in months.

  7. Beauty products (samples in particular) are more or less my entire business model so perhaps I can shed some light on this for you! cracks knuckles

  8. You're amazing. Yes I totally understand why they wouldn't want to tell me but since it was for gifts for people and not resell I didn't know why they first told me without me asking and then when I asked where they didn't respond. So I didn't just get up on their face about it.

  9. Hey you're the first person I've seen who has the exact same curated choices as me even in the exact order. Half of them made zero sense for my profile, you? The other half were spot on. My choices were mostly crap that claimed to be GBX exclusive but clearly wasn't like the slick type item beauty has been in sales before but underneath it in my choices it said "GBX exclusive" and there were items in every choice category like that.

  10. I've used my points for that item balm. And have bought it 2 times in the drop shop on boxy charm. Its is one of my favorites, but I wasn't wasting an item on that product when I picked it up for $5 on boxy charm. I was hoping to get the contour pallet and the body butter. Even updated my profile to cater for these items.

  11. Exactly the item balm is a good product but they are lying when they say it's a GBX exclusive, that used to mean never before sold on ipsy and not to be released to everyone else until a later time but yes even I used points to get it. Also the Fenty body sauce they offered me they said was GBX exclusive when it's been in GBP and the shop for a couple months. It made me mad because every choice section I had two choices that were stuff we see all the time.

  12. Woah what is that brand with the birthday cake?! That's a new brand to ipsy, I have trouble seeing as you guys know and my app isn't reading me the brand name can someone tell me so I can look them up. I see the pretty colors. I wonder which item would have been the choice item?

  13. The brand is Aminnah. It's one I haven't heard of before!

  14. Oh how exciting for a brand that even has an Etsy presence to get a shot at ipsy. I buy all my natural shampoo, conditioner, lotions and body bars in Etsy so if they gave one of these small businesses a chance they usually have AMAZING products. You'll have to let us know how it is! How exciting. I might try not picking next month but I wanted the grown Alchemist product this month so I did choice but next month I'm skipping! Keep us posted and thanks for typing the name for me my app was able to read it!! Y'all are the best.

  15. My only 4 star review and it's from a karen but the best part is that the complaint is that it was smaller than expected and I put the exact dimensions from the makers website in the description right in the top paragraph. Made me mad at first and then now I just laugh because people must see that and be like of course it's an actual Karen caught in the wild. Lol 😂

  16. I almost picked it but I wasn't familiar with the brand and I was scared it would be too strong, I hope I don't regret it. Had anyone else heard of the brand? I was so close to picking it but I'm so particular with my scents. I'm loving the perfume I got in the last GBX the Pinrose secret genius is so delicious 😋

  17. Omg you got the grown Alchemist cream, so jelly! I got the drunk elephant and PML duo (one was a lipstick though and one was a gloss) but even no grown Alchemist for me even though it matched my profile a lot better than the $20 hair mask they gave me. Awesome bag!

  18. Yes I got both but my PML set is a heart lip gloss and a lipstick. I also got the beauty boost which I stuck with the Drunk Elephant F-balm.

  19. Mines a lipstick and lipgloss too, I found that odd. Did they run out of lioglosses for our second one? Lol

  20. Filler would be brands that are repackaged Alibaba product such as: Dirty Little Secret, Luna by Luna, Steve Laurant, Bang Beauty, Faccia Skin, Basic Beauty, Glow on 5th, Saint Luxe, Give The Lala, KAB Cosmetics, etc.

  21. Exactly, GBX is advertised as higher end brands with the bag being worth significantly more than the GBP that's why we pay double. So thanks for explaining that to her. GBX is supposed to be more luxury brands and worth more. Otherwise I would love that hair product in a GBP because that's a GBP price point.

  22. What kinda crap is that? They never mentioned anything about more than one bag design. They kept promoting the awesomeness of their “special” design for this month and the designer…certainly no mention of an alternative design. That’s shady right there

  23. I've never seen this mystery bag no sense. Don't they understand a large majority of us LIKE THE BAGS it's in the damn name of the product. I don't usually get informed in advance I just get the some hideous velvet green bag or whatever other dumpster fire bag they give without notice when they don't get the right bag and I get the "surprise" when the bag arrives. They always save enough back for mystery bags later on though. Its messed up. Also what is with this words on every GBP bag now? Once in awhile is fine but it's been like three months straight

  24. Well the Bad Habit product sells for $24 on their site and the Natasha Denona sells for $42 on their site so that's $64 of it because they always go by the makers price. The two samples is a slap in the face, email them with pictures and they usually try to tell you "every brand decides what is full size blah blah" but I looked those up and ipsy themselves say they are deluxe sixed so mention that in the email before they get a chance to try to tell you those are actually full size when they aren't. Send that photo. Send a photo of the mystery bag ad that showed how much it was supposed to be worth etc and ask for a full refund.

  25. Same. Seems like I am getting offered more and more items that I have marked rarely on my profile. I don’t mind a few because, sometimes, it allows me to choose something different. This time, the products in one of my customizations were ALL items I had marked RARELY.

  26. I have all the bags (I'm cancelling after this month if I can get them to do it though if you've seen I can't shop, no responses to my emails two weeks, double charged for the GBP I won't be receiving this month bc GBP is replaced by GBX and the cancellation process lets me get to the end and then doesn't work) and I had that happen to me with my GB last month, all marked rarely items. GB this month only had one rarely item and I actually like it. Like you said occasionally it's okay but it's getting so bad. Makes me wonder if their customization system doesn't work or what is happening.

  27. Sorry to hear about your experience. Mine has mostly been great. I think it’s a great deal and I love trying and learning about new to me products and brands. I understand I may or may not get spoilers I want. I have an annual subscription and that seems to make everything run smoother. Shipping delays happen with everything. I only get the GBP subscription with the upgrade to GBX so I don’t get product overload. Maybe you should try just getting one bag so you can enjoy the experience more. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  28. Oh it's not the amount of bags (I save my extra products for gifts and bdays and my aunt/cousins/friends/sister in laws love it) I couldn't go down to one bag if I wanted to. Like I said it won't even let me cancel. Plus it's really only 2 bags because GBX only comes 4 times a year and it takes the place of the GBP.

  29. Did you know all the soda that you drink in the US is banned in Europe? If you compare a Coca-Cola from the UK as to one from the US— it will be all different ingredients. It will even taste different.

  30. She was just trying to be nice, no need to be rude. We are being poisoned via air, water and food but not everyone knows that and it was a kind post.

  31. I’m not being rude. Why are you taking it that way? You can’t just assume something is rude through text.

  32. Well we all assume context through text all day everyday, I'm sorry I got it wrong but we all have to try to assume tone, sarcasm etc everyday via text and apps. Misunderstandings happen, sorry I was wrong. No big deal.

  33. I completely love everything I received. This is my best bag in a while! I absolutely love the eyeshadow palette brand already and am so excited to be sent more of their products!

  34. I'm so jealous that you got the grown Alchemist product!!! That's the one thing I wanted the most. Congrats :)

  35. As others said, send another e-mail to Ipsy to let them know you will file a dispute since they don't even reply to you and that you need your subscriptions cancelled. Maybe is a good idea to start a new account if you want at all to keep dealing with them. It looks like your current account is glitching and nobody cares to fix it.

  36. I already emailed them threatening to do charge backs because I have the evidence they ignored me, overcharged me and I even took screenshots of every DM as well as every ipsy ticket I opened that wasn't answered and the emails themselves. I told them 7 days ago I would file complaints to BBB and do charge backs and still....nothing. It makes no sense. It's so weird. I feel like I'm living in bizarro land and now I have bags coming for February that I begged them to cancel and refund (plus they literally double charged me like I said for the bag I won't even be getting this month and won't respond on that either) idk if I'll even be able to do add ons because I haven't been able to add items to cart since flash sale. Once I settle this with them and get my money back if I decide to continue I'm definitely opening a new account but after all this it just seems like it's time to say goodbye unless something strange happened to my account and it's somehow not getting messages through to them. But I also directly emailed from my email to make sure that it wasn't the bot not opening tickets so idk. You know how long I've been here, when have you ever heard of this? Something is way weird. I'll definitely do what everyone said. I appreciate all the wonderful advice. I just feel so sad this has happened. #endrant

  37. try to get a refund… definitely not a comparable replacement :(

  38. I’m so sorry. I know Truly is a really popular (imo unnecessarily excessive product for each part of your body brand lol) but I would have been beyond extremely disappointed if this was my “comparable replacement”. What a joke.

  39. Hahaha true about the excessive products for each part of your body brand but it was my first product from them and so many hype it up I was so excited to try it. Imma try to get a refund but they currently aren't responding to me anymore so I'm going to have to do BBB complaints and do charge backs on my card. Sad.

  40. You have always had the option to opt out of anything, I have been opted out of 3 different categories for about 5 yrs. Also another thing people don’t realize is that you can contact ipsy care and request a product as one of your preselected items as long as you contact them before the app states it is constructing your bag.

  41. Most people don't have that feature they only rolled it out to try on a few people a long time ago.

  42. I'm a genius but I can't even work so why does my IQ matter. It's all relative. The label means nothing to me because I've failed at staying with a job. I recently started an online business but who knows how it will turn out. All of us feel like frauds and failures. You're not alone.

  43. Honestly?… I’m never disappointed in Allures’ Monthly Box!! In Fact, I often buy Allures Deals (actually Steals!) from Members Sale/Discount. I’ve subscribed to many boxes thru out years~ “Allures” is only box I’ve STAYED with. I LOVED Boxycharm (all 3) & recently broke off THAT total dysfunctional subscription to IPSY. The sub box that gives Allure run for $$ ??Margot Elena” Allure Is affordable monthly, Margot Elena is pricey but Helluva worth it!!

  44. I'll check out Margot Elena thank you I hadn't heard of them and yes I am with ipsy and when they bought boxy, ipsy was ruined too. Idk what happened rumor has it that the boxy guy lied about how much inventory and had several warehouses of old, nasty makeup and skincare that he didn't disclose as old and ipsy went ahead with using those products for boxy and ipsy and it ruined them both.

  45. It's so scummy that they put the boscia new member free gift in with the random products making it look like the box you would get.

  46. I'm just telling my personal experience. It's funny that I'm getting downvoted for it.

  47. Amazon and eBay have worse issues with fake products than Mercari. My last three eBay purchases were fake and you would be disgusted to find out how many people sell fake shit on Amazon too.

  48. Block them, this is absurd. I had someone try to buy my lowest price item and I include a random draw on my own of a sample and they had seen thank yous for it in my reviews and requested "a deluxe sample of a luxury perfume like chanel" BLOCKED.

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