1. i'm so happy that winwin will be joining wayv, wayv6 ahhh!! and of course dream together with wayv 🥺 wayv comeback soon i feel 🙏

  2. me! i restarted both my red velvet and SHINee decks last year iirc. i had both of them at r55 and i was using normal themes but wanted to switch to milky for rv and 6th anniv for SHINee so i started from scratch again. was planning to switch for taemin and exo-m (especially exo-m now that i completed exordium) - using ace and growl normal themes but i'll see how it goes once i've r99-ed other groups like exo8 & nct 127.

  3. how do you guys get used to playing on a new phone? i recently bought a new phone as my old phone has been having problems. my new phone is a s22+ and it's longer than my old phone which i'm not used to

  4. They are doing absolutely everything over a single member of 22 group members who is a dozen.

  5. sorry but whats a dozen? just curious haha. is it a reference to his line in bad alive?

  6. i hope this doesnt mean hes coming back.. 😕

  7. really happy with this double LE update (both my biases 🥺). but my RP isnt happy with it 😂 hopefully i'll be able to complete both, planning to main both! both looks so cute

  8. Congrats 🎉 I almost have the same top5, just replace EXO-M with Taeyeon (and no 99 levels yet :DD)

  9. thank you! ☺ nice! im planning to work on taeyeon for the next puc. good luck on r99ing taeyeon~

  10. been playing ever since the start, played on and off until late 2018, and started picking up and playing the game seriously since early 2019. totally had no idea about upgrading cards the right way and grinding until recently so im really happy with finishing my top 5. shouldve achieved this earlier but always got sidetracked by ncp LEs. more r99s to come hopefully!

  11. congrats!! playlist is such a pretty theme ^^

  12. for me i'd prefer on the snow, queendom, 6th anniv.!

  13. Limited themes released until which month ?

  14. limited themes released until january 26th (before this update)!

  15. that means I can get GOT the Beat/Devil LE Theme?

  16. 15 ncps and not a SINGLE taeyeon card yet …. this is my worst luck ever lol 😔

  17. me but with kyuhyun lol goodluck! 🙏

  18. i got into nct around kick it era, my first comeback with them was punch! ive known nct since debut, just never really got interested in them because i thought having two or three groups to stan were enough but here i am haha. but their music intrigued me; plus their interactions with my ults like SHINee and EXO made me interested in them

  19. no, if you use a high level R card to a R1 card the card level will stay the same (it will remain the same if the upgrade fails, or it would be R2 if the upgrade succeeds (its all dependent on your RNG (random number generator) or luck). personally i'd keep the other LE set (but that's just me). but if you dont find any use for the other LE set - since you've upgraded them to R25 to R27, keep them that way until any of your top 5 reaches R91 and above then use them as fodders.

  20. managed to complete DCT in 25 packs and 300 dias (missed a day as i was lazy to grind on the first day)! was missing karina like for hea but got her from the r card and i can go for the bg! hoping the same will happen for minhos event, just need an A card for his vocal card to get the bg 🥲 also just feeling unmotivated to grind esp with the ads being longer than before but i need to finish my last r99 :/

  21. another aespa LE :/ aespa is one of my ults but the number of LEs theyve been getting compared to their normal themes.. hope they'll give them more normal themes. but on the other hand i love the LE though so no complaints. and my bias finally got added to the game omg. will probably r99 once he gets an LE. also not really related to the themes but i dont like the new ads ive been getting. its just annoying because usually i could get out of the ad easily but now its just unskippable ads and when i try to close the ad itll redirect me to the app store

  22. was expecting this to happen but i still feel sad about it too. nevertheless thank you dalcom for making this game, i started out only knowing a few songs from them and because of this game i started stanning gfriend.

  23. maybe you had foddered (used it to power up your other cards) or sold them?

  24. congrats!! i was missing that card too back then and got it thru one of the events last year

  25. I have a question about the on limited theme acquisition are they going to change to like SSYG 10pc packs I'm confused

  26. i dont think they would change the way how LEs have been sold in SSM. at least i hope not haha but doubt so

  27. what does the card level transfer means? could somebody explain it to me haha thank you in advance!

  28. omg yes!! hope ill be able to watch it! and sorry if this has been asked before but are we allowed to share the cost of a ticket with someone else and if there would be a post where we can find people to share with?

  29. Yes! It's more like a trick lol, Vlive lets you watch the concert simultaneously on 2 devices from the same account so that's how 2 different people can watch and share the cost. The mods discussed it and we're going to make a post soon so you can find other people to share with😊

  30. ahh i see. im still confused about it so thank you for the reply :) ooh i see nice! thank you~

  31. the most i had was around 3k+ diamonds, that was during anniversary and when the cardbook rewards came in. my diamonds have never gone above 3k since then with how frequent i went for diamond LEs back then + the limited BGs. but i've learnt not to go for every LE and BG

  32. update: they've extended the end date to dec 31st!

  33. nice, was hoping that theyd extend it a little more. gonna have to try to grind more and do 3 more R50s

  34. basically the number of times youve played ever since the UI update (the my info etc.). it counts even if youve played multiple times on a song. and it resets every month afaik

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