1. This is NOT rustic! And it's all in how you accessorize it! This is a gorgeous dress!!

  2. I’d love to see it separated as a top and a ball gown skirt, kept white. The top could be so chic with even just your best jeans with that neckline. And the skirt is almost to beautiful to chop shorter when you can wait for a formal event and pair it with a much less bridal top or bodysuit in any color.

  3. I know ugh Anyone have access to the police scanner logs for jeffco? I can't remember how to get to it

  4. We love mentone/ft Payne/cloudland canyon. Wildflower Cafe is overrated but cute vibe. Canyon grill is amazing. There are cabins on burkhalter gap road with amazing views, 5 min from the canyon North entrance, and you can watch the hang gliders cruise overhead.

  5. I love how everyone is missing the point of your post. It's not that you're unhappy with a price offered but that they wouldn't give you your own item back. Is this policy posted publicly or agreed to verbally before you hand over your items for appraisal? Like if it is, ok, but otherwise I would think leaving items there for an appraisal is not agreeing to let them buy all of them hands down.

  6. FYI these aren't "real" tamales they're Louisiana tamales (no shade just an fyi to the op)

  7. I remember my mom making a sauce that has ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and onion powder I think. Probably a little s&p too? Man I wish I could remember it exactly, that stuff was the shiz.

  8. It’s just a man (or woman) at ALDOT in charge of those signs, on top of being an engineer or whatever.

  9. I get/respect what you're saying, but are you actually certain it's an engineer that comes up with the message?

  10. Looking at glass mullers, it doesn't seem they have to be perfectly flat on the bottom. Mildly convex would still allow it to serve it's purpose

  11. So apparently some horns for phonographs were paper mache? I acknowledge this isn't the exact same shape though...

  12. Yay Arriety!! Showing this to my kid tomorrow, she LOVES that movie.

  13. Just showed her and she knew right away! 😊

  14. Grays will be the most expensive. Like $$$$$$. We used one I think it was Myers tree service. It was still $2000+ for one large tree to come down.

  15. misfit masquerade @ true story brewing! 6 pm! fuck that moms basement sheet ↓↓ jk but seriously

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