1. Wow Carly is a real thickums. Good for her, she carries the weight well

  2. Is it? I just never knew how thick/curvy she was until seeing this full body picture.

  3. i feel like she should also apologize for all of the instances of bullying selena, including recently and from her twitter years ago. her friends too.

  4. How is it bullying when both are popular, have two different friend groups, both rich and good looking etc. aren’t two people not just allowed to not like each other?

  5. I'll never condone bullying or harassment, what I am saying though is Justine always seems to somehow find herself involved in public drama regarding her friends because she refuses to untether her public image from them (whatever is known about her is that she is friends with Kylie Jenner and that klan, I guarantee you can't name 1 or 2 songs of her without googling). It is obvious she uses them for profit and it's backfiring tremendously. It's really not worth it.

  6. justine hasn't made music/actively working on her music career in years. A lot of internet OG/black people remember when she was tumblr famous

  7. Yeah, Hailey was basically engineered in a lab to become an internet punching bag. She's a nepo baby of an unpopular actor; she has no noticeable skill/talent of her own, thus hasn't had an opportunity to build much of her own fan base who might defend her. She was a blatant social climber in her early days. She got involved with Justin under morally questionable circumstances. (She got involved with Justin, then a pop heartthrob, period!) She's emotionally oversensitive, which makes assholes want to try to poke her and get reactions. And she's pretty, so she inspires a lot of jealousy, but in a bought-and-paid-for way, so people feel free to discount it. And in general she's just so immensely privileged that people don't feel bad about taking her down a few pegs. I'm not saying that any of this is justified, I'm just saying it's pretty obvious why people feel justified.

  8. I disagree, I think Selena fuelling the woe is me, I'm being bullied, victim narrative is what really led to the hate train. I think that resulted in people projecting their own experiences growing up with the 'mean girls'

  9. Girl you incited that shit lol.

  10. I'm going to quote the dissenting voice of CRTC decision on using the N-Word on live radio.

  11. What are you rambling about? This is to a free speech issue. People and institution are allowed to not be associated with you due to your speech. You said the n-word and no one locked you up for it.

  12. I didn't blame the administrators for my trauma of getting triggered, sued or stopped someone from expressing themselves. I have no issues with being triggered, and that my freedom of speech was curtailed was more serious because of where I know this could be going.

  13. Since when did people grow up so fragile you cannot accept not using a word in a certain setting? There’s plenty of words and things that would be stupid to say and have negative consequences if you said them in a university workshop. Nothing infringes on your freedom. You said what you wanted to say, you just don’t want to deal with the consequences of doing so.

  14. Affordable for 5 years (if that) then the owners will jack the rent up by whatever percentage they want, every year, forever.

  15. If someone voted for the right wing conservative party, what would you refer to them as politically? If someone voted for the Communist Party Of Canada, would you disagree in calling them a communist?

  16. I would say a program that targets at risk youth, youth who are NEET, not in school or work is trying to integrate them into society.

  17. Exactly. Whatever sum they could have settled this lawsuit for is nothing to them. $100 000 for them is like $100 for a normal person. The fact that they didn't tells me they are very arrogant.

  18. Katy Perry is extremely talented vocally but hasn’t evolved as an artist. I think people got tired of her bubble gum pop thing but that’s her. She’s still “quirky” on American Idol and it’s annoying. All the artists that people have listed doing well have had evolutions. Madonna and the Beatles are early proof that if you want to stay relevant, you need to switch it up or you get stale.

  19. I like most of these. She knows who she is and what she should wear. I love the second one.

  20. It’s so weird that more celebs aren’t doing the street style thing anymore. Tbh Hailey is the only fashion girlie in the game right now. I remember when it used to be Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate and Ashley serving the boho, Rachel Zoe looks. Where are the younger celebs who are putting together a curated style/look outside the red carpet? Why isn’t that a thing anymore?

  21. She bullied Selena several times just so she could be mean and gain attention. She lost like a million followers

  22. How did she bully Selena? Selena is a 30 year old women, who is very rich with her own separate friend group. Hailey not liking her doesn’t mean it’s bullying

  23. I wear a well-fitted N95 at all times, are outdoors and had incredibly limited exposure except for work. My toddler is immunocompromised so our family has been extremely cautious.

  24. Is your toddler in daycare? Unless you plan to homeschool your kid forever, how would you have avoided Covid?


  26. How is that a good point since eventually the blue states have opened Texas like polices regarding Covid? How does a Pizza joint that makes masking mandatory even helpful, to eat pizza you have to unmask

  27. how did he 'take the blame'? who else would have?

  28. It selectively exists. Dababy is an example of someone successfully being cancelled

  29. no its not its the opposite. He got canceled not because what he said was so bad, he was canceled because no really likes him like that. He has no strong fan base. You think someone like Playboi Carti, Kodak Black, Kendrick Lamar would be cancelled if they said something similar?

  30. I mean what I said wasn’t wrong, he was selectively cancelled, you’re pretty much saying the same thing as me. He wasn’t loved beyond his hits and didn’t have a loyal fanbase so it was easier to throw him to the sharks. On top of that his career was relatively still fresh versus this happening after he cemented himself or something.

  31. Cancel culture isn't real, it's just celebs getting thrashed/hated under the veneer of social justice but is really just a popularity issue.

  32. I will definitely agree with you on that last point. The public at large is now ignoring the pandemic, and has stopped responding to it, regardless of the wording of public health recommendations. (For instance, Ontario's "strongly urged to wear a well-constructed, tight-fitting masks indoors" during the fall when our pediatric ICUs were in crisis still resulted in less than 5% of the public donning even a baggy blue in the grocery store, and barely anyone is following one of our only mask mandates left, which is to wear one whenever you're outside your house within 10 days of testing positive or starting symptoms.)

  33. Again, I agree that people are not responding to the pandemic anymore. That doesn't mean that the pandemic is over. Your initial claim, for both HIV and COVID was false because you are using an erroneous definition of pandemic. You don't get to insist that your claim about something scientific is true just because you define it completely differently than scientists.

  34. A pandemic isn’t just a scientific reality, I argue we are talking about the Covid pandemic as a social reality.

  35. that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Us fashion blog girlies remember her.

  36. what’s mean about it? It’s a video of a public figure acting like an entitled little bitch in public. seems like fair game to me.

  37. how is she being an entitled little bitch? Interactions like this happen every second in NYC?

  38. I think if everyone is wearing black, we can safely assume it was a somber and standard funeral. It wasn’t a family reunion months after the person is gone with balloons and music. Even if the person in question lived until they were 105, you just don’t take a photo holding your arms up like “Yay, they finally died”. There is people grieving in that room.

  39. Since it can look a million different ways, why can’t she show respect for the people that don’t experience grief the same way as her? If there is ever a time to show compassion and regard for others, it’s at a freaking funeral. I can assure you she wouldn’t find it amusing if a random influencer posted this photo at her fathers funeral.

  40. That means the packaging and labels will have to be changed costing Albertans more money.

  41. No they are not changing the package. Most children’s Tylenol is behind the counter now. The pharmacist can explain the difference. This is only until the shortage eases.

  42. there is, and it is still being kept over the counter

  43. it’s kyle marissa and i believe her over someone that doesn’t post their face on the internet lol

  44. People say alberta is racist, but find non white immigrants do well and make good money and can buy a decent house in a few years vs toronto where they stuck on rent for years and years.

  45. I much rather Alberta as a Black person than someone like Newfoundland or hell even Vancouver

  46. Immigrants will move to cities or any place that have established familiar communities for them to integrate and find support. Prairie cities just don't have that.

  47. there are so many immigrants living in Calgary, Winnipeg and Edmonton. Way more Black people in these places than in Vancouver for example.

  48. I mean this is an interesting comparison though because some people really do have no impulse towards those things. I’m one of them. I’ve tried gambling once and it bored me. I tried cocaine once and the next morning was like “that was fun, I don’t need to do it again though.” If I feel like I’ve experienced a negative consequence from drinking I just don’t drink for a while.

  49. Same. Overeating for me will be a lifelong struggle but on the other I can’t understand how someone cannot get their finances in order. I don’t budget but I guess my spending is intuition based, lots of unconscious good money habits.

  50. What the article didn’t mention is that next year this landlord will issue another 12% rent increase.

  51. Not really, they still need to align it with market rent. Her rent was 1,950 so still a Covid deal

  52. huh? majority of the people posting her photos she photoshops are not insecure, they are calling out her insane use of photoshop to make her size 6-8 body to look like a size 00-2. it's one thing to edit yourself a little bit, but the way she photoshops herself makes her look like a different person and it is not normal. she needs to go to therapy and get help bc it is honestly sad

  53. Sure, fine. I personally don’t feel insecure about any of her posts or whatever but I’m sure there’s a good amount of her followers who do (I don’t actually follow her/just peruse when the sub mentions her sometimes). But totally agreed. Why would you want to project such a false image of yourself? That has to be stressful.

  54. Because it’s social media, people are not as thin, pretty, rich, happy as they look. Also people are insecure and project what they wish they looked like Vs actually do.

  55. The risks of COVID aren’t visible when you’re out and about. Especially long covid. So you can be healthy and active, go to a bar or restaurant or club and then get very sick, or not. You won’t know until it happens. Even young, healthy people like Physics Girl can have dire long term consequences. That’s why it’s weird to me that so many people are acting like there’s zero risk. It’s certainly not like it was back in 2020 since we have vaccines and immunity from prior infections, but there’s still a lot we don’t know.

  56. > Even young, healthy people like Physics Girl can have dire long term consequences.

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