1. This is legit one of the most intriguing unsolved disappearances I've ever heard about.

  2. Honestly it doesn't sound like the AH gives you much to actually be grateful for.

  3. No. CPS will not unilaterally take your baby if they are not in danger.

  4. I’m not certain it had windows. I’ll look through some more on Saturday when I get the chance.

  5. That's not Cincinnati. See how flat it is? Cincinnati also didn't have buildings that tall that far back. That looks like our western ridge which would make all the tall buildings in NKY which also didn't happen.

  6. You should look up how spider venom works. A key component is dissolving the insides of their prey so they can suck them out like a vampire.

  7. I know how it works I'm just wondering if it would work on something that isn't a bug.

  8. More nature excursion but not so much hiking, because I don’t want to be lost in the woods just by myself…

  9. Working as a SANE nurse might be right up your alley as well. Lots of opportunities to do exactly what you are describing.

  10. I'm sure there is nothing important there like a spinal cord or kidneys. JFC people are stupid. 🙄

  11. “Nobody is saying give up your run” My wife is. Please read the post again, thanks

  12. Sounds like she's asking you to maybe not go at 5 AM. Is it not possible to do it in the evening instead?

  13. She wouldn’t have been put on maternity leave early for no reason. If she felt she could work up until delivery I’m sure she would have so as to maximise her time off after the birth. I’m guessing she isn’t experiencing a normal pregnancy right now and probably is prescribed some kind of rest

  14. The point is that some countries get it prior to the birth as the norm.

  15. Trust me, many of us are very embarrassed and pissed off that this keeps happening. Just wish there were enough of us that also voted like it.

  16. I'm curious why your husband was making these decisions at all if you were alert and oriented. The patient (you), should be the one making any decisions about your care and who is present.

  17. NTA but she needs to be seen by a doctor and assessed for possible conflictive decline/dementia/Alzheimer's.

  18. The only hospital that I’ve consistently seen women recommend giving birth at is Good Sam. The rest have had mixed reviews.

  19. This. Good Sam used to be where almost everyone had their babies. I can't recommend them highly enough for labor and delivery for many reasons.

  20. That feinting with the paws is a "fuck off" action not a hunting one.

  21. This is probably exactly it. She even looks behind her as if making sure they aren't following.

  22. You don't to look further than your lack of sleep for the last year.

  23. Yep, just tie it around itself so it's shorter and kids can't reach.

  24. Why the fuck can't we arrest this mother fucker for calling for shit like this?! A-fucking-gain!!!!!!!!!

  25. Since you aren't familiar with the area yet I would also recommend looking into Northern Kentucky options. Ft Thomas has the best public school system in the state (Highlands High School and several feeder elementary schools that are also very well rated).

  26. I’m a very easy going person and I didn’t let it bother me at first. It started off that he just wouldn’t say my name. I thought maybe he had an ex with the same name or he was afraid to call me the wrong name. Then he started using a bird call. I told him I didn’t like it, but he continues to do it.

  27. Seems like you could use some help differentiating between being easy going and allowing yourself to be treated like a dog.

  28. I never felt this way. Whenever another family member that I trust offered to help I welcomed it.

  29. Lol. Nope. You order it, you go fucking get it or your visitor does. Period. End of story.

  30. Good on you recognizing that you need get back on your meds. That in itself is a huge step in the right direction.

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