1. Definitely expired but I still use the vinylic lips because I love the concept and love the shade Pony lol honestly they should just bring those back XD

  2. My sister got me the crewneck and I’m so happy!! Beautiful color!!

  3. Me before reading comments: "OMG i love this! Cute color and love the different logo! so glad I've recruited my sister to go get this for me!!"

  4. I've tired almost everything from Glossier except the retinol and body hero mist. I genuinely love the You perfume (bottle, not solid), the lash slick, and the OG formula of the balm dot com. The ultra lips are also stunning.

  5. I think the discharge is more of a cream now that I’m thinking of it. I just got tested for STIs like 3 months ago so it wouldn’t be that. I’ve had this color before and it’s normal for me.

  6. I have horrible dark circles and lines, unfortunately it's part of aging. I'd make sure you're hydrated and get enough sleep if possible. Nothing to fix, totally normal, but being well rested and staying hydrated may help.

  7. Yes! Visited Gullfoss two weeks ago, and the same thing happened to me. The wind was so harsh that it pushed me down the stairs (lol). I didn't even take a photo because the wind was so rough.

  8. The orange ones work for me! I did a few squats in the mirror and they seem squat proof to me

  9. Chose the FAB but just skipped the GB for this month... realized I wasn't really looking forward to it.

  10. I do evening classes, so I try not to eat anything an hour before. I just drink a lot of water. About 30 minutes before class I take creatine, and during class I have beet powder in my water. After class, I make a protein shake (protein powder + water) in the studio, and then drink more water after that.

  11. With the evening classes and taking the beer powder, do you have a hard time falling asleep at night?

  12. So I actually have insomnia haha so I understand the concern XD but the beet powder doesn’t keep me up!! I go to the 5:45pm and go to bed about 5 hours later so it may depend on your bedtime :) I’m really enjoying the beet powder though! Maybe start with like half the recommended amount and see how it works for you!

  13. I wear leggings during the winter and then start wearing my shorts more in the summer months (it gets super hot where I live and I don't have a car, so I need to walk about 15-20 min to get to the studio. Wearing shorter shorts helps with this so i don't feel sweat everywhere before I even get to class).

  14. As someone who goes 5-6 times a week, I feel like we have alternating lunges every other day LMAO. My weak ankles are like "no more alt lunges pleaseeee"

  15. I get most of mine on the bike but if I lift heavy enough on the floor, I get a lot of splats there too. If you're looking to get more splats the floor, amp up the weights you're using!

  16. I do it all the time and really enjoy it! I don’t lift as heavy as I normally would in the first class though so I can still have some left to challenge myself in the lift. Oh, and bring a snack for between the classes!😊

  17. Good idea!!! I'll go easier in the 2G (cardio always kicks my butt though), so I can still give the Lift 45 a good effort!

  18. Also bring a Gatorade or body armour for between classes! 😀

  19. Love Body Armour haha there is never a shortage in my fridge!! XD

  20. My studio does the same thing but coach always tells everyone to "share weights" at their station. Sometimes I end up with weights I wouldn't prefer, but most of the time I'm able to find what I need. If put on rower side, I often end up wandering around for a few minutes trying to find weights lol.

  21. Gained two pounds of muscle and went from 17.2% body fat to 14.4%! Gained .6 pounds overall, but all muscle! Super happy with my progress since I've been trying to get lean and lift heavier!

  22. I have similar feet to yours, and I have the Brooks Glycerin. They are so comfortable and offer good stability for me. I've had ankle issues and injuries over the past 2 years, and these are really kind to my feet. The running store also recommended the Brooks Ghost and Asics Gel Nimbus too, but I haven't personally tried these. Brooks' Ghost 14 model is currently on sale for $100 and I believe they do free returns!

  23. I've sent an email to Ipsy hoping to get this cancelled and refunded, but who knows. I'm really disappointed.

  24. I’m exited for the Byoma moisturizer. It’s glycerin based and available for a reasonable price at Ulta, so if it’s good it would prob be a rebuy for me. However, I’d be pretty disappointed in general with this as well. Juice beauty is high value but I don’t care for their products.

  25. I do like that its affordable! I have very sensitive acne prone skin though so I am nervous!

  26. Gymshark (specifically their flex leggings)! They don’t roll down and I never have to readjust. They’re thicker so hold everything in better. 100% squat proof, even the lighter colors. Thick bands and super cute color scheme. I have one in every color and wear them all the time. You can usually get them on sale for about $30-40 too!

  27. Thinking the same thing lol… I’d rather get to know someone fully first before jumping into marriage just to screw 🤓

  28. Many people in my studio attend classes sporadically. I just wish others would go to OTF more consistently so I could build on my conversation. It's tough to form a friendship with someone when you only see them once every 3 weeks.

  29. Yeah, that's fair. Unfortunately you can't control that. I just think building some sort of foundation before asking someone out is always the best way to go. Talk to a woman for a few weeks (even if you only ever see her 2-3 times within that) and then ask her out. You want to make sure the woman feels like you're interested in HER and not just any woman at OTF haha. Also want to make sure you'd vibe enough on a date so it's not awkward af lol

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