AITA for cancelling a check of $12,000 that I wrote for my infertile friend for her next IVF cycle over a joke?

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  1. I can recommend {Pack Darling by Lola Lock} if you are into RH. I discovered this book on another grovel request and honestly really liked it. The grovel starts in the 2nd book but I only read the end of the 1st book to know what happened to the FMC for the grovel to take place and had no problems following the next book.

  2. It's more of a slow burn but the smut scenes are pretty hot and there are a few of them.

  3. OMG!!! Thank you sooo much for recommending this! I just finished reading it and am absolutely in love! This was my 262nd read this year and I honestly believe that this is gonna be one of my favourites! I loved everything about it!

  4. I am really sorry for recommending this but... what about Faust? Love me some old man who's going through his mid life crisis and thus makes a deal with the devil, turns into a young man, seduces a tennie while killing off her mum and her brother and then leaves her pregnant while going to this weird witch sex festival. Spoiler: she kills the baby and dies in prison...but don't you worry, she's saved by the one and only God himself!!!

  5. Apparently that's a trope called 'body betrayal'. Not long ago I posted a review of {Corrupted Chaos by Shain Rose} that everyone was raving about but I could not stand it because just one glance or touch of The MMC would make The FMC forget all her anger!!!

  6. None of these are human / human, but I have a few for post apocalyptic / dystopian settings.

  7. I've actually read all these except the last but M/M sounds great. Haven't read one of those in quite a while now. Thank you!

  8. Ah yess I actually really enjoy older books, thanks!!

  9. Wait my absolute favourite series {Daughter of no Worlds by Carissa Broadbent} kind of fits your request??? I can't really tell you anything without spoiling it but you can just read the 1st chapter and see if you like it!!!

  10. I loveeee to recommend Elsie Silver!! I only recently discovered her books but they are really great. I especially enjoyed {Flawless by Elsie Silver}.

  11. I just read this book this weekend and it did not disappoint!!!

  12. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about this masterpiece.

  13. I really don't know how I keep on reading storys about the same 2 characters falling in love over and over again but I just cannot stop!!!!

  14. I hate women who SWEAR that they hate the MMC and/or do not want anything to do with him but then fold so fast when he just touches them or utteres one single word. YOU DON'T JUMP INTO BED WITH A PERSON YOU DISLIKE JUST BECAUSE OF ONE HEATED LOOK!!!!

  15. I know that it's really tame compared to everything else but when a fictional man says 'Give me your mouth' I go absolutely feral.

  16. Yes!!! I second this! I literally laughed my ass off especially when the whole catnip parts😂

  17. I've had this on my tbr list quite a while now but was never really sure if I'd like it. Had no idea that it had this trope though!! Thanks 🙏

  18. Oh, I also realized that I forgot my queen Mariana Zapata. Most of her books also feature men showing their cold shoulders to the women their pining after.

  19. Oh, I actually haven't come aross this trope yet but if someone has a rec I'd be down for it!!

  20. {Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison} was such a surprise!! It had soooo many little tropes that I usually don't like but the book made it work so well!! I honestly have no idea how I've never heard of this series even though it's from 2011. It might even be one of my fav pnr books ever!

  21. This hurts my soul but he's old anyway. Now he can visit his son in prison for the rest of his miserable life knowing that every despicable thing he did for him was in vain at the end. It matters that we all know that he is guilty.

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