It probably sounds dumb, but I lost my Dad in March and he was my biggest supporter for my late in life run at a Master's Degree. I just graduated this month with a 4.0 and I don't have him here to share my joy so I'm sharing here with you. Keep at it - you can do it!!

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at first, all this was invented and sewn for my grandchildren to explain to them what kind of person is inside ... I have no medical education, all this was done just from an anatomy textbook, so if you have any comments, then I will listen to them

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  1. 2 - If Angel is there, I can put up with Cordelia.

  2. I deleted my post too because no one would take on my simple request here. I can't find one person to help me.

  3. Send it my way and I’ll take a swing at it.

  4. You need to find someone to help you mass produce these. This is amazing and would be snatched up by many parents!

  5. Here is mine. I upped the resolution as well.

  6. Oh thank you! Looks like you cleaned up the quality too! I only had that because I scanned it from my computer since I only received printed copies

  7. This happened with my parents as well. Got them a Chromebook and it completely fixed the problem. Please make sure you set her up with cloud access to save any pics or files.

  8. Why did you change her hair? Making females look like Barbies isn't ok.

  9. It wasn’t my intent to make her look like a Barbie. It was just make take on the piece. (I think people on here always assume I’m a guy, but I’m actually a girl. One who grew up cutting and changing the hair on my Barbie’s myself, lol)! I appreciate you giving me your thoughts on my work. I am always looking for ways to improve.

  10. Have you tried DCSO? They are always hiring for detention officers.

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