1. It's a bit funny don't you think that germans pronounce every syllable and speak in a very precise way.

  2. As a German native speaker, I can assure you we swallow a lot of syllables in casual conversation and are not very precise about it! For instance “Willst du ein Stück?” (“Do you want a piece?”) turns into “Willst’n Stück?” I think the reason auto-translating things from German to English works so well is that a) they’re among the basics in most AI translation software and b) they share a lot of grammatical structure.

  3. Here because it’s nice to see the different perspectives on social issues and break the monolithic picture that the media (both sides, not just Fox) paints of trans people.

  4. It’s always easy to “discuss” and “break the monolithic picture” when your own ass isn’t on the line but rather sitting on a comfy little cushion, observing the struggles of others. I’d prefer if people were honest that they find the daily troubles and concerns of others entertaining the same way reality tv is entertaining, the same way Americans come up with funny one-liners on reddit while talking about war in other countries. Like, we all get it, humans love drama so long as it’s not our own. But get out of here with your pseudo-analysis of social issues.

  5. So you think every right wing political commentator is only doing it for money? The left is always genuine with their beliefs because there the ones you agree with but anyone on the right must be doing it for money? I hate a lot of the commentators on the right because there takes are so dumb, but some of them have to be saying their own opinions. There are people who are legitimately conservatives and believe what they say.

  6. You’re reading a lot of things into this comment that aren’t actually in the text. Nowhere did OP say that “no-one on the right is genuine but everyone on the left is”, but I suppose when you have a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

  7. I do think she is genuine and truly believes what she is saying. I don’t think she is simply cis / boomer / right-wing pandering. However, whether she is correct or not in her beliefs imo is a different story. I think she is 50% of the way there in the sense she identifies problems in the community that are problems but also over-exaggerates the prevalence of them as well as lacks some nuance in her approach.

  8. How can she truly believe what she’s saying when she flat-out lies for clicks? Do you think she’s so very genuine that she makes shit up and then retroactively deludes herself into believing it so she’s technically “honest”?

  9. Sexualwissenschaft was for LGB (I even doubt the B were included as they could actually get away with it. Trans people were not included as they’d need to transition to be called out.

  10. That’s not really how statistics work, otherwise being trans would be some kind of miracle shield against other conditions and I could say “Well since both the odds of being trans and being struck by lightning are very small, I’m less likely to be struck by lightning as a trans person than a cis person would be.” Which is obviously false.

  11. Opinion on what? Do they exist? Sure, otherwise we’d not be having this discussion. Are their experiences exactly the same as mine as a trans person who doesn’t identify as non-binary? Maybe, maybe not, depends on what their goals are.

  12. In my opinion, the military itself is antithetical to Druidry. It embodies the idea of man‘s dominion over nature and other men. It may well be that Druidry and stoicism can be combined in practice, or that stoics do well in the military, but I do not believe that Druidry and the military will ever be compatible with one another.

  13. "Your fill" should never be defined as 3lb of pulled pork, an entire pack of buns, half a jar of pickles, 2lb of sausage, a quart of coleslaw, and a half-pint of mayonnaise. Yall are nasty and entitled.

  14. Is this some kind of sex thing for you? All OP said was that their relatives comment on how much they’re eating, and here you are fantasising about the exact comments they’re getting and amounts and types of food they’re eating. Calling others nasty when you clearly have a massive rage boner is kinda weird.

  15. Going to the gym 3 times a week actually does remarkably little for weight loss. You can expect to burn 300kcal max in an hour-long session, do that three times a week and you’ve got 900. In order to consistently lose weight you’re going to want to consume 500kcal less than you typically do every day, provided you weren’t gaining before. That’s 3,500kcal a week, so your measly 3 gym sessions will hardly make a dent by comparison.

  16. Can you just buy an image on shutterstock?

  17. If you’d rather get rid of chunks of your brain than get yourself together and deal with it, knock yourself out, but in the kindest way possible – this is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day.

  18. Feminine does not mean you are a woman, it just means you are following roles/traits societally associated with women.

  19. As per that definition, the terms feminine and masculine are essentially useless. Cooking and baking are “societally associated with women”, yet you wouldn’t say Gordon Ramsay’s job was feminine (or perhaps you would, but in that case I would accuse you of being contrarian for the sake of it).

  20. I mean, truthfully? I was anorexic in my early 20s. I never made it back up out of the underweight category but I’ve considered myself “recovered” for several years now. Now this past year between the pandemic and multiple other stressors, my wife somehow managed to go from her perfectly fine mid-normal BMI to worryingly underweight faster than I could even wrap my head around. I love my wife more than anything, but I have never in my life felt such a depth of frustration and anger than when she started trying to weigh out a tablespoon of soy sauce to try and figure out how many calories were in it. When you’ve survived anorexia and worked incredibly hard not to relapse, someone stressing around calorie counts in front of you can very easily feel like someone doing it at you.

  21. I’m also in a Western European country (I dare even say the same one!), and while everyone can wear jeans and a tshirt no problem, androgyny (which is a flavour of gender non-conformity, so to speak) is often met with hostility and disgust. I can say this with relative certainty because I have the comparison of living as a masculine-looking girl, as a feminine but “alternative”-looking girl, as a very androgynous person of indeterminate gender, as a relatively masculine-looking man and as a somewhat feminine-looking man. Out of all these, the androgynous phase of my early transition was an absolute nightmare. I experienced levels of harassment from strangers in broad daylight that I honestly wouldn’t have believed possible if you told me in advance.

  22. Don’t ever ask a person if they’re LGBT. If you’re unsure about pronouns you can ask for those no problem, but it’s considered extremely rude to outright ask someone if they’re gay/trans/bi/whatever. If they want you to know they’ll tell you.

  23. How difficult is it to disguise your moans when you climax?

  24. My friend was eating some once and screamed, I looked at what he had dropped and it was a pork rind that was literally a nipple, even has some hairs on it. Rough!! Lol

  25. Oh noooo not being reminded that the tasty snack you’re eating was once a living animal? People are so fucking weak.

  26. a lot of ppl use special diet communities, like the vegan community, to mask and excuse eating disorders.

  27. Veganism is not a diet. You’re thinking about plant-based dieting.

  28. You’re 16 dude, lol. I genuinely don’t mean this in any rude or condescending way, but you’re simply so damn young that you shouldn’t worry about whether or not you’ve had a girlfriend or boyfriend or when you’ll get one. It’ll happen, but you’ll only drive yourself nuts trying to force it.

  29. This all seems to speak more about your viewing medical conditions as negative and shameful than it does about transmedicalism itself. There’s nothing wrong with having a medical condition of any kind, so there is nothing wrong with viewing transness as something to be treated by medical means.

  30. You’re hopelessly naïve if you believe having a medical degree makes anyone an expert on trans people. When I told my new GP I was trans, she asked if testosterone made me grow a functional penis.

  31. I’ve been on T for 10 years, and I’d say between 4–7 years was when it was the “worst” in that regard. These days it’s really tied to the mood, so you may be on to something with seasonal depression.

  32. Yeah, I had DI seven years ago and was in the hospital for something unrelated later that summer, sharing a room with two cis men. Neither of them had any idea what the scars were.

  33. This really sucks. I’m glad that you don’t think your Mom will kick you out over this. It really sucks that she has homophobic views and doesn’t like you dating a trans man. I would make sure you have the ability to support yourself if she does decide to kick you out.

  34. A lot of people are saying to pretend like you don't know, but if it were me, I would want you to say something. Like, "hey, I really like you and think you are a really attractive man — just so you know, if you're trans that doesn't change anything for me, I'm really into you."

  35. Yeah, same. When I started dating my wife I was honestly sick with dread at the idea of telling her, and if she had known before it would have saved me a lot of stress and worry if she said “I was on your FB hoping to see some more pictures of you, and I accidentally found out you’re trans.”

  36. I’m 29 and 10 years on T. I started looking my age maybe 3 years ago, and now I think I’m pretty spot-on.

  37. what do you think it is if it doesn't have to do with neurology or the endocrine system. Are you implying that it is magic or something spiritual.

  38. I’m not who you’re responding to, and I do believe transness is medical, but I also know that we don’t currently have definitive enough proof to flaunt it like we do. When we say “Being trans is a medical condition, and here’s 100% irrefutable proof” what allies and other trans people hear may be “Future studies will continue to prove our point” but transphobes and sceptics will hear “I am so delusional and uneducated that I believe/pretend a small handful of studies to be irrefutable proof”.

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