1. I learned a new word yesterday. Ignoranus. I means to be both stupid and an asshole. Feel free to use it whenever you want.

  2. You're getting a prostate exam every year whether you want it or not. Doctor's orders.

  3. Wouldn’t even say this is just EA anymore…

  4. It wasn't really ever EA to begin with. Capcom on the other hand.......

  5. Is that about EA or the excuse Gamers™ use to gatekeep difficulty options?

  6. Give it 6 months, and the modding scene will be back to where it is now. And God knows we need those mods to make up for the lack of QoL features that should've been there day 1 (when the game first released in 2015).

  7. There's a middle ground between a tight linear experience, and a massive open world. Titanfall 2 for example SHOULD have had a big map to explore. Not Skyrim big, but imagine Dishonored instead.

  8. /uj This is one of those posts that show the importance of tagging your posts as jerked or unjerked. It's impossible to tell who here actually agrees with this and those trying to respond in character.

  9. Obviously, anyone I don't like needs to instantly live an eternal life of squalor, pain, and loneliness.

  10. Pre-release buzz words like "Immersive", "Dark Souls inspired", "Historically accurate".

  11. lol this whole thing is a mess. On one hand you got the "if you got 1% black, you are black" folks. On the other hand, you got "unless you are 99% black, you aren't black.".

  12. When I was in high school you saw white kids suddenly playing up their Native American (8th generation removed) heritage on collage applications hoping to score that diversity acceptance. Even then I was like don't do that, you're taking acceptances away from those it's ACTUALLY intended for.

  13. Reminds me of that episode of South Park that spoofed 23 and me.

  14. Shit there are young adults that don't know about the floppy disk. They were quickly replaced with the 3.5 harddisk in the mid-90's.

  15. Wow "they exist because we allow them to", paraphrased yes, but imagine unironically saying anything within the realm of this.

  16. Ah yes, the microtransactions of the 80's/90's. Though don't tell Gamers™ that, they're too old to bend over backwards to explain how that's different. Their backs can't take it anymore.

  17. A lot of this is nostalgia. As you get older you tend to remember only the good and forget the bad. I've been gaming a long long time and to be honest, the nature of the gaming industry hasn't changed that dramatically. Yes, we're seeing more release broken fix day 1, but again that isn't anything new, not anymore. That's been going on for 15 years. If you want to be mad at someone for that, direct your anger not towards the developers, but the gamers that support and actively defend that behavior. It's because of them that we come off as the vocal minority because for all the bluster people make about developers that release broken games, we are but a drop in the financial bucket compared to those who don't see the problem and buy the game day 1 anyway.

  18. Sunder Charms only affect mobs immune to the specific type of damage they're related to. In this case, Cold Immunes.

  19. Oh, the OTHER Dante. Well in that case any version of Kratos would wipe the floor with him.

  20. who doesn't love a good old mass homicide while drinking milk/rum and eating cookies

  21. Just out of curiosity, for no particular reason, how much money did you spend in the arcades when you were growing up?

  22. Remind me again, who are the real snowflakes?

  23. Certainly not the guy who up and left the clan at the first mention of a new member using their pronouns when they introduced themselves.

  24. Here's the thing, this dude talked a big game ahead of the release of the game. He made a big todo about how important crunch is to help improve the quality of a game. He personally deserves to eat as much shit (within reason) as people want to throw at him.

  25. So many people apparently don't understand the "don't try this at home" PSA's the shows would run.

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