1. Was working the show and had to leave after nycc, bummed to miss those final four

  2. I feel like it would be a smooth transition into Ingenue

  3. We have the facts: 2 Photo Album: 2 Transatlanticism: 2 Plans: 3 Narrow Stairs: 3 Kintsugi: 1

  4. Always amazed how many people on here don’t like kintsugi

  5. How sad is it people are asking about how to be “safe” on a hike in the Bay Area

  6. a valid question in the Bay Area, in Texas, in Appalachia, in the Sierra, in the Adirondacks, etc

  7. I’ve picked this up to buy multiple times and then looked at the tiny tiny text and been like nope hahah but I do want to someday

  8. I’m a person with high anxiety so I didn’t get my first tattoo until I was 32, even tho I’d wanted one for like a decade. I feel good about it, I’ve changed so much from back then, and while I definitely could’ve had some tattoo designs that I’d still like, there are some I would’ve thought were super cringey now. I think either way you’ll be fine though, just roll with it.

  9. If the attackers went to Lowell they would be good studious gentlemen working towards bettering society

  10. Quite the rollover risk it would seem although maybe it’s wide enough that it’s fine 🫠

  11. These big pickup drivers are THE WORST of drivers on the roads.

  12. Oh, sure, there were some there. I was trying to get by this week and that's not always possible going that route. I order and sell on Discogs all the time.

  13. why did you need it so quickly? I’ve also ordered from Target multiple times and they’re great and about as quick as Amazon. There’s almost no reason to ever order from Amazon essentially haha

  14. and yet here we are haha that’s the Amazon way unfortunately

  15. Yeah what’s that about

  16. I actually think cream soda and ghost are better but I had to go acorns as my nostalgic fave

  17. The best way I would describe it to someone that hasn’t listened would be mixture of Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and then throw Led Zeppelin III in there.

  18. On the BBC6 interview Jack did last week the interviewer said the album reminded him a lot of the Beatles and Jack seemed pretty surprised but said how he loved to hear how people interpreted the music and what they saw in it. I definitely see it too!

  19. That’s super cool! I’ll have to seek out that interview!

  20. It was this one, not sure if it’s archived

  21. A Star is Born jfc it was the only movie him and Amanda could talk about when it came out

  22. He says he loves a lot of movies, directors and actors. Which sorta dulls the most impact of him raving about something.

  23. one of the best actors of the past forty years one of the best films of the past twenty years one of the best directors of the past half century 😅

  24. Those are the cutest babies ever I wish I could take them

  25. Or he is from the northeast…I lived in NY for 7 years and heard that word a lot more there than ever in the south

  26. He doesn’t have to be from the south to have a trump bumper sticker

  27. Take care of it while it’s healing as if you love it. Having a poorly healed tattoo isn’t going to help anything.

  28. It literally says in that listing that the agent and owner make no guarantees as to what can be built on that land. for all we know it’s nothing

  29. I'm 35 and have basically given up on the idea of having a family and a home of my own. I'm making $24/hr basically flipping burgers, but I can only afford to rent a fucking bedroom in the area I'm in. Did I fuck up somehow by not getting a college education? I'm sure there are greater amount of opportunities to be had if I had a degree, but I'd be saddled with debt... Idk where I'm headed.

  30. I have a college degree which got me a bunch of debt and I still make less than $20/hr working for the federal government. it’s a sham either way you slice it

  31. I def want the spider web elbow tattoo but I can’t decide what arm, my right arm is totally blank but I wanna start on it within the next two years. I kinda wanna do something like cover or remove the bagel before I fuck with the elbow 😅

  32. Roger Waters is not more popular than Bruce Springsteen lol. Pink Floyd? Yeah you can make an argument, but not Roger Waters.

  33. they said worldwide. have you seen Pink Floyd fans in Latin America? Waters concerts there are wildddd.

  34. they’re just tall out of touch. they haven’t felt a recession or any financial mishap since maybe 1981 after the River Tour $$ started coming in. once BITUSA hit, that was it lol. they’ve been out of the loop ever since. typical boomers once you get down to it, financially.

  35. how is this being downvoted? it’s 100% facts

  36. I feel like it’s pretty obvious during his interview with killer mike too. Even his hands? I kept looking at his hands and being like this can’t be natural

  37. I'm a little bit frustrated. I would have preferred this version with the booklet instead of the other one.

  38. I’ll buy it I like the alt artwork better

  39. Seriously haha. Not a tough ask.

  40. can’t imagine not asking in the first place

  41. these get progressively more haunted looking haha

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