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  1. Awesome pics, looks frosty.

  2. How'd you like the Ice Cream Cake? Haven't gotten around to trying it and curious.

  3. I'm saving it for my birthday next weekend but I'll write a review on here when I try it. Looking forward to it

  4. Good deal, enjoy and happy early birthday.

  5. Lately it seems like it’s been impossible to find some flower that has a good cure on it. Everything is either dry or rushed and tastes like hay. I need some sticky yet firm buds with crystals where are they 😩

  6. I mostly agree with you, but Woodward nails it. For me, I start getting used to the cures in the program and then see something like Woodward and think "Oh, that's right, this is how this stuff is supposed to be cured". That's not to say everything else is straight trash, but I do get a good deal of dry bud.

  7. I think the defense ate their wheaties at halftime

  8. And saved plenty of room for Houston's offense.

  9. Cincinnati's defense is damn near illegal it's so good.

  10. I posted about a run of the mill cold last(?) week I think, and how I am grateful it wasn't COVID.

  11. Great, clear photo. Glad you enjoyed it (I'm assuming so at least).

  12. I picked some up at Sunnyside yesterday. Can’t beat it for $70 a jar

  13. Same, might have seen you there amongst the madness.

  14. Did you end up finding this video after a viewing of the "Bengal Barrel"? I just came from that video and scrolled to see this posted - spooky timing.

  15. Hell yeah slap the Bengal barrel baby. Yes I did actually, this guy's whole channel is amazing and he deserves more views. Andre is a Cincinnati legend

  16. I live down the hill from Nippert. I hope to hear y'all cheering from down here.

  17. AR was a sleeper for me but I now hunt for their flower. All of it I've had has been good -- Lemon & Berries is a stand out for me.

  18. Zac Taylor seemed to be on the verge of getting fired and now his job his probably safe for 3 more years. The NFL is nuts.

  19. This season in particular has just been wild. It's been a lot of fun to watch the Bengal's but there's been plenty of interesting games from all teams.

  20. Nothing like seeing Joey Franchise at the top of all these PFF grades

  21. It makes me legitimately giddy.

  22. I've had Supply ground flower before. It's perfectly fine, and actually as I'm typing this I remember I posted a review/picture:

  23. This is the kind of shit only the shadiest of street dealers would ever try to pull

  24. Even street dealers have standards. Holy shit this is bad.

  25. Grow Ohio uses a patent-pending time traveling technique for their cure.

  26. Really wish we got more POW stuff down here. From what I've had, its been reasonably priced and good flower.

  27. Really liked this one. One that actually lives up to the THC level.

  28. Straight out of a movie. Insane.

  29. Multiple guys on this team happy to lose their voices cheering their teammates on.

  30. Really looking forward to us vs. Chargers. I don't see it being a blowout from either side and I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to the wire.

  31. lmao big ben looks like a 150 year old turtle with scoliosis

  32. Don't do turtles dirty like that. But also true.

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