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  1. Fu fu fu fuckkk you Watson! And the Browns FO that thought this would fly. Nothing's official yet sure but if my favorite sports league is doing the right thing then I'm pretty damn happy.

  2. This is fucking gold. He "messed up" and sent two years worth of texts. You know that shit wasn't a mistake, everyone is sick of this POS.

  3. More fuel for the nostalgia, nice. I love your collection posts, keep up the awesome work.

  4. Cincinnati has one of the worst fatal maternity rates in the country. Abortion ban is unacceptable.

  5. Lifelong Cincy guy, never knew about this. Just pisses me off even more that this is really where we're at.

  6. Nancy is seemingly about to land in/around Taipei so we will all get to see how this thing shakes out.

  7. Live sports betting lounge (makes sense) and a night club?!

  8. It's alive and well and it's going to get worse family. Prepare yourselves and your family, the vitriol is fucking real bad right now and with Roe down we are increasingly the boogeyman again.

  9. Ah the time-tested classic of journalism that is the Washington....Examiner?

  10. Postcards by midnight June 7th. I don't think I heard a year there MTV, might have to send my entry in.

  11. the fabs will still take years to build unfortunately

  12. Serious question: could that timeline at all be sped up if the US enacted wartime production acts? Or is it too dependent on resources out of control of the States?

  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_gardening

  14. TIL -- this is fascinating and makes total sense in the context of the time. Thanks for the knowledge.

  15. TIL I've been speed balling weed my whole life. The only people I know who smoke straight weed are total stoners and have such a high tolerance they HAVE to smoke a G at a time.

  16. I feel for this man. Seeing his whole country revert back to the very thing he tried to recuse it from. Wild.

  17. Better odds than the Powerball. Thanks!

  18. Great job instilling a mood of grandeur and I really, really love that art style. Abstract, magical-realism-esque. Love it.

  19. Republicans unabashedly being pieces of poo after they were emboldened to come out and do so for four years.

  20. Oregon has kits you can buy to grow psilocybin mushrooms? Legally? Surely you jest or the West coast is definitely further along than I realized in that department.

  21. I've also read that taking a very thorough video of the apartment and then uploaded it privately to YouTube (as in set to private so no one sees it) is also useful, because the upload will be time stamped and it may help to have more than one form of proof (photo and video). You can record water pressure, appliances working, faulty electrical outlets, etc that way, and pair that with the benefits that photos provide.

  22. That's a really solid idea (YT private w/ timestamp). Thanks for the tip.

  23. Xbox Cloud Gaming does this, it's $15 a month

  24. I love it. I actually just let my sub lapse after a little over six months. I played a ton of games, they looked and played just fine for the most part, and there was a huge library to choose from. If I was running 5GHZ wifi, It generally ran great without issues.

  25. As an artist and graphic designer im skeptical of this being the case.

  26. I have used multiple models via Google Colab, just as a curiosity. Because I design too, and frankly I am terrified at how good what I can access is.

  27. Do you demand everything you view on Reddit serve some functional purpose? It's a photo, much like any other random photo of a random and largely uninteresting occurrence, location, person, etc. on the front page.

  28. Hey, don't blame him. It's not like this is

  29. My brother had one when I was growing up and it's one of the consoles I actually still have (Genesis w/ Sega CD and the whole docking thing). I have fond memories of playing a ton of "Pit Fighter", which is just an atrocious game that I couldn't get enough of.

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