1. prayers and thoughts go out to you and her. i can’t imagine what you going through. message me if you need anything. stay strong fr 🙏

  2. where did you get that top? i fw that so hard

  3. that’s so pressure. gotta check out the IG

  4. fire drank and a fire watch 💪 good shit

  5. purple grinch has professional looking pouring videos and they fire. sucks to see people steal his vids

  6. had to come back from the last post to see this pour up video. shits so beautiful

  7. if aliens were sipping drank, this is what they’d be sippin

  8. we literally had a twitter post about us with over 120k likes, we had adin ross raid us with 50k viewers, and had a whole movement dedicated to griefing us. yet we still ended up with an actual visible piece of art at the last second, crazy

  9. i read that as “what’s your go to smack when smoking ice”

  10. bros gonna think you’re talking about a dog gotta be careful. his kind doesn’t know what a female is

  11. it’s pretty good shit but still man. like it’s not even possible to smoke less than that. i’m like 7/10 off that no cap

  12. savor that tolerance while it lasts lmao

  13. It’s strongest characteristic is it’s convenience, hits like a Mac truck and can be taken anywhere

  14. it does in fact hit like a mac truck

  15. whoever sipping that is a straight fiend 🤮

  16. i’ve always loved these Muller doll rigs

  17. bros sparking up to celebrate his middle school graduation

  18. everything about this video is gas 🙏

  19. don’t waste bread on just a line, if anything go for a deuce at least

  20. Fr if he not getting money why not just buy some nice liquor some hydros or just smoke no one’s gonna give you money to buy ONE line😭 if he alr had a lot and just needed like 20$ that’s different but even then still prolly not

  21. it doesn’t help that it’s only $80 for a line. there’s no way it’s real

  22. Does anyone have this picture going more on the top?

  23. Yup been around awhile when i first fell in love we sipped Alpharma, Glass tech, Barre then many years later came Actavis those were good times and i was in Texas so the culture was getting huge! now look at everything lol

  24. i love what you doing homie. keep that shit up fr

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