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  1. Wouldn't it have been better to drop Warner instead of Head and make Renshaw open?

  2. This has to be the record for most shots, most shots on target and most gk saves ever in modern football.

  3. I think roma had 48 shots last season and somehow drew that game.

  4. These stats make cristante one of the best midfielders in italy. Matic has been great as well.

  5. where or how do people think Zaniolo is excellent? i have no idea what games people watched but he scored 3 Serie A goals in 1,5 years despite playing week in week out, ever since his injuries he can't dribble anymore; he can protect the ball and offer some kind of hold up play but that's about it, his vision for teammates is next to 0 and i haven't even started how mentally handicapped he is

  6. Exactly. Ibanez and smalling have more than double the amount of goals as zaniolo in same time

  7. With the deal Roma managed to get, I imagine they just want him shipped off before he somehow changes his mind.

  8. If he had accepted Bournemouth's offer we would have invested that money in the squad to push for top 4.

  9. Not taking anything away from Mou but Inter, Milan and Juve shitting the bet definitely helps

  10. Roma are under performing on almost every single metric simply because of lack of quality in the squad.

  11. According to fbref rui patricio is even worse than tatarusanu

  12. Not rating the Agueroooooo moment is completely unacceptable behaviour for anyone who isn’t a Man U fan

  13. If aguero had same record he has for clubs like united, arsenal or Chelsea. He would be literally treated like a god.

  14. Zidane is in the Baggio, Rivaldo, & Ronaldinho category for me, he’s not in the Messi, Ronaldo category.

  15. I always wonder what van basten could have achieved without injuries.

  16. Scoring 6 goals as a Right winger is not that bad. As long as he feeds Icardi with great passes.

  17. yeah 13/14 is a mad one, get all the lads back to celebrate it. Coutinho, Joe Allen, Suarez, Sturridge. Would we get sterling? Maybe not Jon Flanagan.

  18. Now I'm even more pissed that mourinho threw away that league title.

  19. Pep was cheating and still only won the league by a point on the final day twice. Conversation needed

  20. I don’t see the point of Icardi unless we’re selling Tammy, and I think Tammy has started to play much better after a horrific start. Volpato already looks to be a decent replacement for Zaniolo, clearly not as good but he’s young and getting better. This team desperately needs more midfield help, just a player who can progress the ball through a press and link play with our forwards. Even someone like Jorginho would be been nice Altho he’s probably too defensive. After that I think a new keeper would be ideal, Rui has been mostly awful This year.

  21. I think Icardi’s wages would be far too much for him to come off the bench for us. Obviously I’m not opposed to it, but I don’t see how the team could do it financially while also addressing very clear needs at keeper and midfield.

  22. Levy didn't sign a single player for Pochettino for 18 months and he didn't complain. Plays modern football and promotes youth as well.

  23. No way, i feel like Icardi is done for. He has been on a decline

  24. Roma have earned more points than anyone in last 5 years from italy.

  25. Because of constantly saving italy form embarrassment in europe.

  26. has Pep lost his dressing room? definitely feels like it. Wouldn't be surprised if he leaves the club at the end of season

  27. First F22 A2A kill is a balloon. Stick that in your random trivia answer book.

  28. With the worst squad of the top teams except Lazio.

  29. Belotti looked unhappy being subbed on at the very end (although his face always looks a bit glum lol). Not the kind of player to complain publicly but he can’t be pleased with his role this season.

  30. Empoli had a lot of the ball but didn't create much. Felt like roma never got out of 2nd gear

  31. Camara won't play again unless there's an injury crisis.

  32. Mourinho just said, He needs to understands the difference between 352 and 3412 that's roma plays.

  33. I still get unreal nostalgia for that mourinho 2012 RM team, they should've been a dynasty.

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