1. Io ho (più o meno) smesso di usare gli aromi. Compro i boccioni di PG e VG su Amazon e la nicotina

  2. Just received a 500ml of 100mg for 45€ shipping included to France. 20 days waiting time for delivery. Look for chansflavor.

  3. If you buy that specific option for 12/23 100k then in December when your contract expires, if btc is worth over 100k you get to keep the difference. If btc is worth under 100k when the contract expires you get nothing. So if btc hits 50k or 80k, you get nothing.

  4. I mean if I sell it in September and btc is at 50k

  5. So yes, if you have $600K in capital, then in GOOD TIMES, you can make enough money to live off of. The problem is what happens if we get another 2008.

  6. could you explain how you do that? covered strangle what does it mean? You buy a call option and a put option at the same time and then?

  7. I have a friend who basically sells weeklies on Google and Amazon

  8. In the specific case that you linked to, the undercover agent told Morgan Rockcoons that the money he was using to buy bitcoin was the proceeds of manufacturing and distributing butane hash oil and he also told Morgan Rockcoons that he was buying the bitcoin to buy equipment for the purpose of illegally manufacturing butane hash oil. Morgan not only proceeded with the sale, but he also told the undercover agent that he used to manufacture hash oil himself.

  9. do chash by mail buyers use their own address and name? Curious about this

  10. What is the ticker. I'd like to have more context on this chart. Not every dip is bearish

  11. it doesn't let me copy and past. 2 users below you, you can look at it

  12. I have upload it (user below your reply, it doesn't let me copy it)

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