1. Part of your consciousness is constructed by your mind. Sometimes believing is seeing.

  2. If you have strong risk management practices - then these regulations shouldn't be a problem right?

  3. Nintendo wants a game that a majority of players can "beat" while providing as much challenge as possible to high level players.

  4. Then again - parts of our brains are creating things all the time - like motor movements, math equations, etc.. why can't the thalamus "produce" something like perception and attention because that's what its sole purpose is - to produce the unification of all percepted information in the brain?

  5. "Congratulations on your purchase of the Saturn V rocket. Given proper maintenance your Saturn V will provide dozens of hours of enjoyment as you explore the cosmos."

  6. I had a folio of of prints of all RMcQ's paintings. I wish still had them.


  8. On the one hand its a good idea to learn a language with significant differences to your current languages every year.

  9. That's almost 3000 dollars today. Now we know why they were such a luxury item - but their "real" computers were completely out of reach for the average person.

  10. I wish I could get a branch new 8bit machine. Raspi and emulators just don't work for me.

  11. I don't see anything - why did you take a picture of some branches?

  12. I have a bag capsule that I can hook used bags to once they're used. That way I don't have to hold them in hand. It makes things easier.

  13. If the US submarine fleet was prepared with the right strategy, captains, and weapons - the pacific theater war might not have happened at all. The Japanese were completely unprepared to defend against subs.

  14. LS duels should be surprisingly short when done in anger.

  15. 2001 teaches us to not have hoses going from backpack to helmet.

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