1. Gecko XL v2 and Mechanic Master C28 are slightly smaller Nr200 look alikes (sort of) that can accommodate micro atx boards.

  2. So to me it sounds like when you turn up the power draw or oc the card, you’ll get higher power draw. If you are worried about your psu being okay always count on the high end of power draw because you don’t wanna be capping or getting close to capping out your psu

  3. Nope, not worried about anything. I just want to know how the card behaves in real life, outside reviewers' testbeds. Take it as an intellectual curiosity.

  4. Well you do not have to necessarily go for z series boards, unless you are into overclocking. That being said, the most decent non z mobo for itx is probably

  5. In the EU, the cheapest RTX 3070 is somewhere around 720-750$. You guys have it really good over there in the US (when it comes to GPU prices at least).

  6. I have heard it was tough to get a good deal on a GPU over there. Hopefully prices come down soon for you too.

  7. That's the thing, they already HAVE!! :(

  8. As an air cooling fan, I would recommend the Noctua C14s cpu cooler. See

  9. My experience with a decent vented panel (large holes that are a little too far apart) has been as follows:

  10. Super useful stuff, thank you. But just to be clear, your NF-A9x14 experience referred to the 12mm clearance situation, right?

  11. Looks cool, link to somewhere where we check the specs? (volume size, pc parts compatibility...)

  12. I think it will be able to handle with no problem. And do make sure to keep us informed about temps and your experiences once you assemble the system.

  13. Totally fine, just go easy on the overclock.

  14. I agree with your analysis wholeheartedly, but allow me to also share my thoughts on the matter.

  15. Option 1 (cheap): install a slim 120mm fan (Arctic P12 slim) on the side, set it to exhaust so as to expell the hot air being pushed by the GPU into the case. Also undervolt the GPU, it is very easy if you use MSI Afterburner and maybe you can find this guide

  16. I have a v5 so I have the older and shorter case feet. Do I have to change those for taller ones when you mention lifting the case?

  17. Mechanic Master C28 (17.9 liters) and Gecko XL V2 (16.2 liters) in addition to what has already been said.

  18. If you want to go smaller and make as little compromise as possible as far CPU cooler and GPU sizes are concerned, then your only options would be Sliger 610 (13.3 liters), a second-hand (since it is now discontinued) Ncase M1 (12.7 liters) or wait for the release of Dan C4 (13.37 liters).

  19. I have 5900x and 3080 in a sub 10L case. Temperature never hits high enough to thermal throttle. I don't even run it on eco mode nor undervolt it.

  20. More details please, I am intrigued. Do you air cool and if so does it sound a like a screaming banshee :) ? And what case is it exactly?

  21. SAMA 02 you say... hmm, what is different from the old 01 version?

  22. MSI Suprim X I have heard to be the most silent, while the Asus TUF and quite surprisingly Zotac Trinity are also quite ok.

  23. I should have posted here before ordering! Thanks for your help.

  24. Oh and regarding your AIO question I belive the

  25. Yes, you are correct, there are two models, 240 Basic and 240 D-RGB and it is only the second one that has RGB.

  26. The Dan H2O is the one for you then. You can draw some inspiration from

  27. I have heard the P12s are known to produce a resonance at certain RPMs. have you heard the same?

  28. Yes, I can confirm P12s resonance issue. It is only yesterday that I replaced my two P12s with a couple of Noctua NF-A12x25 and while performance seems to be the same, the noise output is better with the Noctuas. It all comes down to the quality of the motor. I use the fans on a deshrouded 6600XT in an Ncase M1 btw.

  29. Which would you recommend between PWM and ULN?

  30. The PWM because you may never know when you will need more than the 1200 rpm, which is the max rpm that the ULN version is able to offer. The PWM is able to reach 2000 rpm (even though for me, more than 1400 rpm is too loud, but hey I am a special cookie when it comes to PC noise) :).

  31. Nope. I see absolutely no reason to get a bigger system. Already running 12700k and 3090 at sub 10L. 4000 series should work just fine within same case.

  32. Wooow, what case are you using exactly?

  33. Aa, ok, I thought you were using something different than the usual suspects. :)

  34. Before giving up on air cooling, give Noctua NH-D12L or Scythe Fuma 2 a chance.

  35. Assemble your pc on your motherboard's box first, make sure everything works right from the start and then worry about putting your components in the case, cable management, etc. Troubleshooting will be much easier like this, in case you run into any problems and it really will not take you too long.

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