1. Another thing I would add, opamp swapping will give you more headroom/benefits since you have tone controls.

  2. To be honest, the only reason I would change the PSU would be for safety reasons, rather than for getting more power. The packaged PSU seems very flimsy, manufactured in a random workshop with no quality control. Both ASR psu's seem like that, as Amir also mentioned.

  3. Yep, they run hot w/ the stock NE5532s so I changed both. Peace of mind since it’s plugged in all the time.

  4. I would very much welcome a link for that as well. Just to be on the safe side that I do not buy something that will burn my amp.

  5. I have the A07 Pro together with a Topping d10s DAC and a pair of Dali Spektor 2 connected to my desktop PC. Very satisfied with it and I did not feel the need for a subwoofer, so your experience will be even better, I am sure.

  6. Technically speaking, with the dali and ayima you may already be below the 95% sound quality line. Not that those are bad components, they perform really well for their price point, but when you know there are components costing 100 times more, it's kind of expected for them to be at least 5% better. If you ask me, the on board sound from a pc is also not the best, in technical terms they're more noisy and such, but I've never done real comparisons. I would say having an external DAC would be ideal, but I doubt you could get a significant difference from one more expensive than the Topping you suggested. On the other hand, the sound quality of the source is also dependent on how revealing your speakers are and how detailed a sound theamp can reproduce, so I couldn't say for certain how much of an improvement you would be abl to get. Sorry I wasn't able to give you a definitive answer :(

  7. Your answer is more helpful than you think, so thank you.

  8. Seems well thought out to me. Congratulations and good luck!

  9. Audioengine HD4, which I also own, are more than enough for the average desktop PC user.

  10. Life has gotten in the way. A move. A new job. Layoffs. A new job. Etc.

  11. Thank you for all the info, helpful stuff. I can get them in Romania for 400 EUR, which translates to ~440$, a decent price I guess.

  12. Hard to say. Probably not. But where’s the fun in that?

  13. Ok, so I bought them and I very much enjoy the way they sound, however I have run into some issues, some similar to yours. I connected them to my Windows 11 desktop PC via USB (for various reasons using any other input is either technically not possible or undesirable for my needs). Here are my issues:

  14. It is a room in my home and yeah, need to move the decimal over 1 place... 16sqm oops!

  15. That's fantastic! Would you say that what you did just now covers 70-80% of the max possible volume?

  16. Hard to say what is possible from them, but it was beyond what I can tolerate in a nearfield scenario. I suspect it had far more room to go than I did. I listen to a fairly wide variety myself and everything sounded good. I think that the sub helps them out quite a bit but I was still very happy with them before I added it. If I didn't have one on hand already, I don't know that I would have bought one.

  17. That was very informative, thank you kindly once more!

  18. I use Kef Q150s as desktop speakers and it’s been pretty great.

  19. They are too big for my desk and my desktop tastes in general: 303 x 180 x 278 mm (Q150) vs. 240 x 155 x 180mm (LSX ii). The LSX ii size is kinda my limit.

  20. What is your budget? There is no point in ever buying a 1080p TV these days. You can find a lot of solid budget 65" 4K TVs.

  21. With a 4k TV, you should have at least a 75/77" from that distance for you to notice the resolution of 4k. Probably more like 85"

  22. So in that case would it not be better to get a 65" 1080p TV? It should be cheaper with a similar visual quality as 4k from say... 2 meters?

  23. This is one hairless scalp I am glad to see in prison.

  24. If it helps, I can share my experience of cooling an 5800x3d in an Ncase M1 that stays in the 70-80 C range (depending on the game), with a rather average (but quiet) BeQuiet Shadow Rock TF 2, stuck at 80% rpm, in a room with a 19 C ambient temp.

  25. If you are building from ground up, with no previous parts that you can use, then go for AM5. You can opt for either Ryzen 5 7600x or the non-x version, that should be launched this month I believe, provided you can find an AM5 board below 300 EUR/USD (they are rather rare).

  26. Does the derma pen actually work? I see people saying that it makes it worse all the time

  27. I have not seen a single article saying that it makes things bad, at worst, if used properly (that is avoid going too deep with the needles) it does nothing.

  28. Are the speakers near a wi-fi router, modem, repeater?

  29. 1 hour average gaming temps in destiny 2 with maxed settings - 60c.

  30. Without the undervolt, how high would the temp be? If you tested that of course.

  31. sorry i know this is a year old, but your step just helped me and the new video card i just bought, have you show you how much appreciated I am. Thank you!

  32. I'm a bit suprised you saw clear benefits from ReBAR on z390 but i'l be honest i'm unsure how well it should work on older intel sockets.

  33. Indeed, on my 165hz 1440p monitor, I am usually playing RPG's, Action-Adventures (like RDR, Plague Tale), single player RTS's and very rarely shooters, never multiplayer stuff.

  34. I'l let you figure the final answer out yourself.

  35. Mmm yeah, so quick update. I just bought a second hand RTX 3070 for 365€. I also should be able to sell my 6600Xt with at least 270€. This translates into a ~40% improved gaming performance across the board for less than 100€.

  36. Such a rare thing for people to post about the fitment of Shadow Rock TF2s. So thank you for this.

  37. What instrument are you guys using for microneedling?

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