1. I audited like a million courses and books; look no further, this is the real deal:

  2. There's an unofficial owners group on Facebook, lots of problems.


  4. Oof, that’s some scary stuff. Glad I posted here before deciding.

  5. I highly recommend Onyx’s Costa Rica Las Lajas SL-28. You can purchase it online and have it shipped to you. Sharp acidity, gritty mouthfeel, low bitterness and some raspberry without being obviously fruity. As close as you can get to a Barolo/Refosco IMO.

  6. Go to a friendly country like Mexico or Brazil. You’ll discover not all humans try so hard to be cool/cold.

  7. There is no seal for the Clears. They’re open back.

  8. The behavior of standing sound waves changes dramatically when they propagate through a column of air closed on one side versus open on both sides.

  9. Did you get new glasses? Sometimes people with thicker frames have trouble getting a good seal on some headphones. Never heard it happen with the Focal Clear though hopefully others who have measured these can attest to how well (or badly) they seal.

  10. Unfortunately this happens even without glasses. I've done a lot of research and seems like a common issue for people with small heads. No product to solve it though.

  11. This has worked for me personally when I feel lost:

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