1. The show does get even better, but I think it's the wrong question to ask. It's a dark comedy, not a serious show. It's also not historically accurate, from the very first episode the show outright tells us it's "an occasionally true story".

  2. Well, a lot of Buffy fans hate Xander’s actions and call him toxic.

  3. I think it's okay to dislike a character, but it's ridiculous when people use real life to explain why. I like both Spike and Xander (and especially Xander gets too much hate in my opinion, he's an idiot because he's a teenager acting like a teenager), but people are allowed to dislike them.

  4. how do you NOT use real life to make up your mind about characters? you do, of course. that’s how opinions work.

  5. Did you real the whole comment? That's not what I said. What I said is that equating liking Spike and liking real murderers and rapists is absolutely ridiculous. "how can they like him, he's toxic", yes, in real life I would stay away from a person like him. However, this is fiction and I can like a murderer as much as I want, it doesn't mean I excuse murder in real life.

  6. Some? I'm not paying for a different account for each member of my family, I'll just go back to pirating. If my parents want to keep netflix, I'll downgrade the four profile account we use now to one profile just for them. They'll either lose us or get less money from us, there's no other option. How many people are going to start paying for four different accounts?

  7. You're ok if each member lives in the same household

  8. I'm aware, but I haven't lived in the same household as my parents in over ten years.

  9. I can't imagine a season 4 where Angela is alive, her death is at the core of the season and of the finale. It makes more sense to me that it was planned and then people assumed Angela was killed off because of the breakup.

  10. Hate is a strong word, in my experience everybody who watched it loved it.

  11. Most give up watching. It's just wild to me they'll rewatch Buffy 10 times but will not try Angel for more than 5 eps

  12. I don't think it's wild. As I said most people only have limited time to watch tv, if they quit AtS after five episodes it means that it didn't resonate with them and they'd rather spend their time watching something they actually enjoy.

  13. I understand where they're coming from, but I'm confused by the reaction to Monster when there have been so many shows and movies about Dahmer and other serial killers or true crimes.

  14. It's all right you don't like the show, but we're obviously all here because we love it. Nobody here is going to tell you that it sucks and it's not worth watching it, but if it's not for you, then it's not for you and you should watch something you enjoy.

  15. Damn I kinda agree with him. I knew Italian exchange students who would be upset about how the random local pizza place in Prague dared to have a pizza topped with onions and bacon only for them to eat instant ramen every night.

  16. As an Italian, Italians who get seriously mad at food are ridiculous, annoying and entitled, just let people eat what they want.

  17. Italian here. I agree, but I can't avoid being mad when someone tries to sell me his "pasta carbonara" with peas, bacon, garlic, onion, cream, parmesan, eggs.

  18. Yeah, I agree, that's weird because it's completely inaccurate. It's still carbonara with a few variations, like with pancetta instead of guanciale, or even with cream (I don't like it, but whatever makes people happy, it's still carbonara related somehow). But big changes? It's like saying carbonara without guanciale or eggs and with tomato sauce when you had pasta with tomato sauce, it just doesn't make any sense.

  19. It's my favourite thing about this show: I was SHOCKED when I watched the series finale, but it all made sense. Rewatching it made me wonder how I missed it, it was all there, but the show was clever enough that it wasn't obvious until it was. Great, great writing.

  20. I heard about the scene mid-season and never bothered finishing. Nothing since has so wholly ruined my enjoyment of a beloved series. For Rob Thomas to imply that you couldn’t have a noir show if Veronica was even slightly contented in her life was icing on the disappointment cake. I’d bet that decision alone is why they were never picked up for another series.

  21. 100%. I don't think that writers should listen to everything the fans say, but if VM got a film, it was because the fans loved it so much that they paid for it. If it got a fourth season after years, it's because the fans were very vocal about their love for these characters. I don't understand what Thomas (and Kristen Bell, I think) was thinking, it was obvious that, after putting all that passion in the show, most fans wouldn't have been okay with the most beloved characters getting killed in the last minute of the last episode, and all because they wanted to turn a teen drama into a noir.

  22. I just finished my first pregnancy event, it's manageable if you can check your phone every 2-3 hours, but I don't think I'll ever do it again. The super sim is not worth it in my opinion, and if I ever did it again it would be to get the coins to buy the furniture, I wouldn't care about finishing it.

  23. I've done every pregnancy event because I want a whole town of super Sims. Crazy, I know. But I have 34 now and I'm working on 35. Sometimes they can be worth it, like when you're doing long tasks and using a super Sim takes an hour off the time. But yeah, it usually doesn't make much difference.

  24. No, I get it, if I had the patience to do it maybe I'd try to do the whole town too, but I don't 😂 I already feel overwhelmed with the game, I use my one super sim for the long task and I think it's enough, I don't think that one or two more would make a huge difference. But great job at getting all those super sims!

  25. I like Dawn. I find her VERY annoying in season 5, but I try to remember that she is supposed to be annoying. She's a great character in season 7 (until she kicks Buffy out of her own house, that's Dawn's worst moment and I couldn't hate her more).

  26. Hugh Laurie in House and Rami Malek in Mr Robot.

  27. I'm rewatching buffy and angel for the the first time in...uhm...7 or 8 years? I'd honestly forgotten a lot of the episodes so it's kinda like watching it brand new. I never had an issue with Xander previously, but now, as a 35 year old woman in 2022 (about to be 2023) and Xander is just obnoxious! I'm only up to the episode where Riley discovers his professor dead and I'm so over Xander!

  28. I'm a couple of years younger than you and I agree about seeing Xander and Rory under a different light now, but at the same time I think they're acting their own age (especially Xander, because he had a terrible childhood and matured in the show, Rory was very spoiled and somehow regressed, in my opinion).

  29. there’s a podcast currently on tear about how william was just so awful to cecily (who is a demon btw) and phew.

  30. I've been in this fandom for over twenty years and yet it continues to surprise me. This is the strangest take I've heard about this show.

  31. well that’s something! i’m a newer fan but it’s good to have confirmation that that was uniquely unhinged lol.

  32. It is unhinged. I think that some people take fictional stories too seriously, and want characters to follow standards of behaviour that would be impossible to follow even for real people sometimes. I can't think of a single thing William does when he's with Cecily that could be considered bad, I'm curious now, do you remember the name of the podcast?

  33. The roadblock makes the rival finish a little later each day, giving you an advantage because you just need to check in before them to win. So let's say you started the game at 9am, the rival will always always check in at 9am, but you get the 30 minutes roadblock, they will check in at 9:30am.

  34. Is the smaller cabin worth building it on a premium lot? I'd love to build it next to the snow park, but I wouldn't get the small cabin and I'm not sure what to choose.

  35. I agree. My last task will be done in an hour and I can't wait. Personally, I think the quest was too long, I got bored days ago, and I hate waiting for the following day's tasks, just add more tasks and let the players choose their pace.

  36. I used all my adult and teen sims (25), and I'm glad I did because I just checked and one stopped working and went back to her house. She was definitely still working a couple of hours ago, I always double check my sims because they just quit their task sometimes.

  37. I was going to say this. I was already completely hooked after the pilot, and the finale is one of the best episodes of the whole show.

  38. If I remember correctly, she was suspended and if Colin had found the journal, he would have had to bring it to the station as official evidence, and Mare wanted to read them herself.

  39. Is that actually what happened??? Did Johnny get screwed???

  40. No, no. He wanted to be done and move on with his life, she knew she wouldn't win the appeal and that she didn't have the money, so they settled, she'll pay him 1 million dollars and they're done, they can both move on.

  41. There wasn't. She owed him 10 million dollars and they settled the payment, she didn't have 10 million dollars and I don't think he cared about the money, they agreed she would pay one million and he said he'll donate it to charity because he wants to move on with his life. No other trial.

  42. Especially after the failed rape atempt people still believe Spike is a good guy. I will never understand that. Hes a demon, he would kill em all if it wasnt for the chip. But hes so cute so i guess its ok for them

  43. It's not what we believe or what you believe. The writers wrote the story, and the story is that Spike wanted his soul back. You don't have to like it or like Spike, you're entitled to your opinion, but your opinion doesn't change the story that writers wrote and confirmed.

  44. Yes I know this but it never made sense to me. I’ve watched since it aired and when he sets out on his mission it always seems to be that he wants to go back to his old days and the soul is more of a punishment. This is my take

  45. Because it's setting up the plot twist, we all thought he wanted to have the chip removed, it's what makes that scene so shocking. It's even the last scene of the episode/season because it was supposed to be a huge plot twist.

  46. Thank you so much, this is so helpful (the house template too)! I still think that the simchase is too expensive (simoleons/SP, especially for the mastery task, I don't spend real money on the game), but sometimes the prizes are very nice, I'll follow your advice next time.

  47. Oh yeah it is crazy expensive, but once I learned that I could duplicate and sell life orbs I was laughing! I've spent very little real money in game, I've bought SP once, an influence island kit once (for the roller rinks earlier this year), and a flooring/wall pack.

  48. The duplication glitch is a lifesaver, I only sell the orbs when I need the money because selling makes the town value go down quickly, but it's definitely saving my game.

  49. Sorry! I accepted but never replied. I should have gotten yours let me know if I didn’t

  50. It's all right :) thank you for accepting me!

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