Raphael Warnock beats Trump pick Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate runoff, NBC projects

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  1. I hope everyone from the Dem party reaches out to him and his team to incorporate their successful GOTV Gen-Z into their ground game. The kids are alright.

  2. I mean the issue is younger Dems typically disagree with Dem leadership, you see them vote harder for more unorthodox candidates. Democrats want more candidates that are more neutral typically.

  3. Yeah who the fuck saw Kanye storm the stage and thought he was in the right

  4. Now I'mma let you finish, but that meme is the funniest of all time.

  5. Lol claims to know. She'll probably blame it on Antifa or false flag

  6. Better, said God smited them to punish us.

  7. I wrote about this kind of attack in college back in 2014 for my terrorism class. Wild.

  8. You got to take a class on terrorism? Where do I sign up? Seems about as fun as some of the other weird courses I've taken.

  9. You should sell “tickets” to the drag show and stream it online, so everyone can see this beautiful event =)

  10. Right? Someone needs to be held accountable. 63% of Moore County without power! Its not a simple fix if the substation has been shot up, they don’t typically make repairs on calls of domestic terrorism. That could be long term outages for people who could give two fucks less about political or religious agendas, just let people be. No one is forcing anyone to take your underage kid to drag shows or indoctrinating the youth, just don’t go?! I don’t get it.

  11. I mean they were already requiring IDs too so it's not like any kids were going anyways.

  12. The family dog will go out to smoke with you and tell you when people are driving by lol. Great doggo.

  13. Who the fuck actually feeds pills to a supposed loved one to make them slow and tired 😟

  14. Eh, people have done it to me before...

  15. People who can recognize that while they are addicts it doesn’t necessarily make drugs bad. P

  16. The one trait they never recover from, a loss of holding yourself responsible.

  17. What worries me are those here on a work visa. They know they can't just up and quit Twitter without being forced to leave the US in 30 days. Those people are the most vulnerable and they may be the ones who get taken advantage of the most. I hope the best for them.

  18. Another good reason to abolish the visas then. Let people come and stay if they want to instead. Immigration politics are dumb because it's basically "We can treat noncitizens as slaves and also make attempting to be one a ten year waiting list and there's no problem here.

  19. Well the boomers did elect him. People get the leaders they deserve. Even the ones who don't vote.

  20. Check out the TheRightBoycott subreddit, especially the "official boycott list". The reasons why the most sensitive of snowflakes chose to boycott those companies are given in hilarious detail.

  21. That feeling when the only bad review on your razor blades were "Great product but they aired a woke ad I got offended by, 1/10"

  22. TIL there was no smoke and a pancake in Europe before the discovery of the New World.

  23. They did have cannabis though, that's native to Asia.

  24. If your cultures and values revolve around religious conservatism maybe it's time for a change. It's really weird to me how theocratic the middle east is even living in nations that are likely to return to their theocratic roots in 10 years or less.

  25. And here i am eating 350 mg edibles and feeling nothing. Edibles just don't affect me like other people. I think it might have something to do with my metabolism.

  26. If you've had gallbladder removal you won't get high from edibles anymore because you can't metabolize the fat the weed is bonded to.

  27. This is not the case for me. I had my gallbladder removed 1.5 years ago and still get plenty high off edibles. I do take about 75 mg off my homemade cookies. I was greatly concerned about it when I got home from the hospital but I have had no issues with edibles containing actual THC or delta 8. Oddly, enough I can no longer get high off smoking or vaping. I would not believe that would have anything to do with my gallbladder but i will smoke a ton and barely even feel it. But that is fine cause I make kick-ass cookies.

  28. Huh that's kinda surprising because I know people who had the reverse experience where they couldn't do edibles anymore but smoking still works for them.

  29. They want legal weed, me to pay literally anything in taxes, and fair elections! We can't stand for this.

  30. It ends with you being crushed to death by money lol

  31. He was definitely struggling performance wise but I don't wanna be that guy to call him out. Another reddit post he asked reddit if it was illegal to masturbate at work on his break so put 2 and 2 together.... dudes a freak

  32. He probably has a Pepsi problem too and I wouldn't be surprised if he had a problem with RC cola too.

  33. Is that likely? I wonder what their sales are. I know he's turned me off from wanting one if I want a comparable one I'd probably go with Lucid at this point, but they're still far behind where Tesla is which is fine I just think the cars equally as nice.

  34. I still just wanna buy a fetish brand electric car because it gives me childish joy inside.

  35. Well then you’re daft. The reason he needs to apologize is because coming out and instantly saying it was Russia when the likelihood they knew there was the potential it was theirs makes Ukraine come off as trying to drag other countries into the conflict. I’m not saying that’s what he was doing, however that’s how it looks. Could you imagine if cooler heads didn’t prevail?

  36. I was legitimately convinced it was a false flag to get article 5 invoked when I saw the turns out it was a Ukrainian missile.

  37. I still don’t know how I feel about amendment 3. I voted yes on it so I can stop driving to Illinois but I don’t like how people have to apply to have weed charged expunged from their record and I don’t like how it doesn’t automatically set things into motion to released qualified people from prison or parole. Plus I don’t think it makes since to give every country the same number of permits for weed stores. It would make more sense to go by population. Or just not limit it. If its legal why limit the number of stores.

  38. Would love to see a clean legal weed bill someday.

  39. My instinct would be the functional stims family and something like modafinil or pyracetam over the SNDRI families.

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