1. can’t handle being jn the same room as another 4. there’s can only be one

  2. pretentiousness, elitist better than thou complex, and sometimes the ‘deep’ ness can come off as cringe/try hard. and I’m aware these things are obv also applicable to me, too - I’m no exception lol

  3. oh god the PRETENTIOUSNESS. there’s this kind of fake-deepness too that’s just so annoying lol

  4. all the others seem bad while the 4 society is just my ideal life…

  5. may i ask for a very summarized account of what this case is about? i’m curious but also a bit hesitant to look it up considering the comments

  6. my friend used to main ash and once we got a killer who’d kim us all but let him do whatever he wanted (even unhook right in front of him). at the end of the match we asked what that was about and the response was “i never hurt ash williams. i love him”

  7. Don't have advice but you aren't alone. I feel the same way. It's really hard to even maintain friends. I'm tired of always just accepting they are always busy, that they can go weeks without reaching out. I'm tired of always being the one to reach out or check in first. I know I really want genuine friendships. Not just surface level and being last choice. I want to do life with people. Please don't settle or make yourself small. I hope both you and I can make friendships that suit us.

  8. YES i want to do life with people!! i’m so bad at “surface-level” or “casual acquaintances” friendships 😭

  9. there was one time a killer downed me while i was doing a glyph and i guess they felt bad bc they picked me up and took me to another glyph and let me do it before killing me. made my night

  10. i mean. sure, whatever you say, but i’ll let you know i have amazing hair

  11. 4w5. i pull away when i feel excluded in my friend group and feel worse if no one comes to check up on me, even if they have no way of knowing i’m upset

  12. i’m squidward 😭😭😭😭

  13. ooohhhhh i see! thanks a lot

  14. I just started trying puzzles that are harder than what I usually did, and then I ended up stuck

  15. I just hopped on as well, and I am having the same issue. Commenting here to hopefully get a notification when its resolved

  16. Still experiencing this issue on mac. Was working the first 3 days playing with my partner now we can't get it to work (Enter Invite Code doesn't appear and associated symptoms). 4 days of attempted fixes so far :,(

  17. i’m in the same boat :( have you been able to fix it?

  18. sorry to break it to you, but the whole “no one ever cared about me so why would i ever express my feeling anyway” speech is making drama as well...

  19. according to this, if I understood correctly, I’d be a 6... yet I have never felt any relation with the 6 descriptions

  20. I’ve been healthy to average before, but this year of isolation has pushed me right back to unhealthy :(

  21. I’ve been DMing only recently and my players aren’t that fond of reading through a lot of lore (some of them are, others not), so my way of doing it has been slowly adding information as they become relevant (and as they ask)! Stuff like, I mentioned a noble house a while back and some players rolled to see how much they knew about it, or when they met with an elf I took the liberty of mentioning it intrigued one of the PCs because elves aren’t common in the kingdom. They’re going to buy themselves a map recently and I plan to point out to each player where are the regions/cities they would know from their backgroud!

  22. Oops, sorry I jumped in with advice that wasn’t asked for! Good luck with your friend, though (:

  23. If she bothers you that much, I think it’s only fair to keep a certain distance... or tell her how you feel and see how she reacts.

  24. Totally sounds like self preservation 4.

  25. not quiiiite true, the sp 4 will fantasize about people seeing them suffer and comforting them through it and believe they really want it, then just never ever allow themselves to show suffering to others 😔

  26. Idk, as a 4, this has been one of my most unhealthy years, if not the most

  27. As everyone here has said, every type can be hard to love (I sure feel like mine is). Expecting your partner to be like you will often lead to hard times and conflict, but I think the Enneagram helps because it also helps you recognize that others view and experience the world in different ways! Personally, I have a 3 in my life who I love very dearly, and while there are things that are hard about my relationship with her, I don’t think loving her is hard.

  28. I like what other 4s said, but I think if I’m really unhealthy I just need to be convinced to have some company and go out for some coffe or to watch something, get me out of my head. Even if I have work to do, having someone around to work on their own stuff while I work on mine makes me that much better already.

  29. I’m a 4 and I like doing art but it’s hardly ever about my inner feelings or whatever, I just like making pretty things...

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