1. He’s going to steal 200 mill from you in 6 years it’s the long game

  2. Well first it starts with playing RuneScape together for years next thing you know you’re getting married and need a best man to hold onto the ring. You trust trade him; he logs out and removes you

  3. I can’t tell if you’re serious lol

  4. You need to switch the card to compute mode

  5. thanks! that seems to have fixed the issue.

  6. I’ve heard great things about that lens, hope you enjoy it!

  7.! The type of print is Magazine and I went for their premium paper option

  8. Can I ask you how much I the final price for one premium zine and delivery?

  9. Blurb allows you to set the final price based on the printing cost. The shipping cost varies and is separate!

  10. I suffered the freeze here in Austin as well lol.

  11. love the colors in this cover photo!!! great choice to make the zine stand out. nice, crisp photos on the inside as well :)

  12. Thank you! I was hoping the cover photo would make it stand out :)

  13. I like the binding on it, where/how did you get it printed?

  14. Here is the link to it if you want to see the preview of all 24 photographs!

  15. Hey guys! So I stopped playing in Legion. I just hit 50 on a new character. What should I do now to gear for pvp?

  16. I would see if you can try a different film back. You can find the manual online but I’m not sure if it talks about fixing issues. I’m not an expert but I have the same camera and I’d guess the problem is being caused by the film back gears slipping or misaligning. Are you using the manual advance lever or an auto-winder?

  17. Seeing as this is my first post on here, I would like to thank everyone that has commented for their helpful suggestions and kind comments about this unexpected result lol. I will double check the film advance and hopefully get it fixed soon.

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