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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. You like men because you have 2 fathers

  2. No, you get them every season from the free section of pass royale. The one on the left costs 2500 gems, which in my region costs $30, and one pass royale costs $7 for me, so you can buy pass royale four times with the same value, you get one book of books, any rarityyl, and a magic coin. Also if you hit 19 wins in global challenge, it's worth it to buy for 500 gems. You'll get a champion from the legendary kings chest if you are level 14

  3. Also if you see princess yawning emote in the shop ,buy it, without a doubt it's the best value in the game

  4. I think make him have more health, damage is already goid

  5. This meme is older than my dead grandfather

  6. the release date is 9.6.24 but I don't live in America, I'm confused

  7. I was so happy because I thought I got it right

  8. Why is there a spoiler tag? Also this isn't even a meme

  9. It's a broken bot. Couldn't even think of a title and just used the sub name instead too.

  10. Use the time stone from another universe like they did in endgame

  11. I have the black r33 and blue r34 as well

  12. I like that you put a spoiler tag, thanks 👍

  13. Thanks, now people will know that I'm not shit at the game!

  14. Unpopular opinion, but I like finn Jones as iron fist and Jessica henwick as Colleen wing. Really hope they don't recast them

  15. Lmao beating the game means all your cards, including champions, are level 14, get all the emotes, finish the trophy road and get all max starblevels for every single card. Just getting 4 of those chests doesn't mean you "beat the game"

  16. There's one match where both of them went for king (very skill I know) and one of them had 2hp left on their king tower. It was drill bridge spam against lava loon. (Both very skill based decks)

  17. Not all tanks need it, eg. Fang, buzz because they already have some feature that makes them usable against long rangers. Primo, Jacky, frank yeah this could be useful

  18. I guessed that iron man was actually tony stark. It turned out to be true at the end of iron man 1

  19. My random teammates will be instantly charging Otis super

  20. Even with a maxed deck, I still can't seem to get a hit with the mortar, if anything it needed a buff

  21. Nah, Dominic Torretto is going to come for you because family

  22. As a bad random, I can confirm this is what we do

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