1. Anal Cunt Not trying to be nasty but… yeah…

  2. DMV uses VIN to verify model, not stickers. Sounds like you’d need a salvage title. Talk to the DMV.

  3. This install is easy, doesn’t request mechanic. Just swapping cables and bars. If you’d rather just pay a shop I can’t imagine it’d be more than 2 hours of labor, tops.

  4. Going to start calling my girlfriend Tony Pizza. She’ll have zero context so it’ll be extra odd. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Wait he just demonstrated the flaws in your strategy and you respond with dismissal.

  6. I didn’t even read the post lol “congratulations you’re a meta behind” or whatever just doesn’t resonate with me at all. Sorry bud.

  7. So you either you didn’t read the post and wallowing in ignorance or you are pretending you didn’t and are fully aware this is a mediocre strategy that you ain’t changing.

  8. I’ll be honest man, if you can’t afford a tow I wouldn’t risk a hospital bill.

  9. HD are powerful, but generally not known for speed outside of a straight line. Almost all torque like most cruisers. Don’t get me wrong they go, but it’s not sports bike fast where a sneeze will kill you. Whenever you hop on a bigger bike the golden rule is Low & Slow, you’ll feel it out easily.

  10. Personally I think learning the rules of the road on a motorcycle would make you a better driver in a car. If every driver out there had to ride a motorcycle at least once a week in traffic I bet they’d be better drivers and pay more attention. Doesn’t seem like you’re rushing to ride at all, just don’t get some huge bike you can’t control as your first ride!

  11. Yeah it was in the patch notes posted today.

  12. You have absolutely no obligation to fix their mistake, if it even was a mistake. Take it as a lucky break and walk on home man.

  13. Tell your boss it’s an emotional support helmet, because if your brain ends up on the road you won’t be able to feel emotions. See how they like that. :)

  14. Highway speeds are easy, just stay light on the bars and avoid hazards just like any other speed. When you first start just remember there’s no shame in slowing down a little if a curve makes you sweaty, ride within your limits. Wind is a surprise the first time but you’ll get used to it. All that said, I’d probably shit myself on a 300 going 65-70. I know people do it but man that bikes going to scream that whole time. Power becomes a larger factor at highway speed compared to cruising your city.

  15. It is, some of these are definitely not military.

  16. Take the key out, drain the fuel completely, get it to a shop. Don’t even run the thing. That’s a fireball waiting to happen.

  17. I think the larger issue is that it’s something that “works” to solidify a demon win. The same reason people latched onto basic possessions in the first place, it’s the only demon strat that seems to continuously work.

  18. Coming here to echo others, the Sony 85 1.8 is a very good lens for the price.

  19. Another thing that I think demon mains would like to see in future patches is the removal of the overabundance of cars. Castle Kandar seems to be okay on the number of vehicles but the main map is car city. It gives the survivors an easy getaway once you start trying to apply pressure.

  20. Another great point. I’ve been flipping their cars lately, too. I think the amount of cars would be fine if the cost to possess and/or amount of damage needed to knock us out of the car was fixed. It’s extremely rare I’m not instantly knocked out of a car after 1 second.

  21. The major issue with the state of the game funnily enough is the game “ending” to early which is what the nerfs and changes were suppose to fix for demons killing teams in the first 10 mins .

  22. Good point, sometimes I feel like there are too many map pieces close together. I wish they’d time gate them to some extent or at least put some distance between these things. I’ve had games with the entire map found in under 3 minutes. When that happens it’s kind of game over that early.

  23. Shoot me the motherboard model and case you’re using, I’ll take a look. If you would prefer someone put it together for you I can help there too.

  24. Hey dude don’t even trip. I ride a Harley but a Vstar 650 was my first bike. I always give them a wave and if I stop by one I always compliment it. Those types of dudes are the type to put brand loyalty above decency and it would be a part of their personality even if they weren’t riding a Harley. Fuck em and ride on.

  25. Amen, well said dude! Either way I’m just busting chops, we all ride for our own reasons, some the same. I get tons of waves from Harley folks, just the way everything went on with this guy was too comical and stereotypical so I had to share. Stay safe out there dude!

  26. “write about it in your diary or talk to your therapist “ oh yeah we can’t forget that Harley riders aren’t allowed to have fun or show emotion, that’s step 1! Lmao

  27. Not what you asked for but I usually pull up Partzilla and find the bike I’m looking for. They have diagrams and part numbers.

  28. As someone who loses to “FATAL ERROR” somewhat regularly, I’d be mighty pissed if I was punished for it.

  29. Shifting will translate well with a few key differences. Motorcycle shifting is sequential, so you can’t skip and gear or two without clicking up or down that many times. Depending on what you drive, a motorcycle clutch is generally MUCH more forgiving than a car/truck/van with a dry clutch. One super common “mistake” with new riders is stalling when moving from a stop. Don’t be afraid of the throttle when starting movement, you can really ease off the clutch nice and slow, even riding it (a little, don’t get the wrong idea) for a couple seconds until you really feel it catch. Once caught you can usually let off the throttle a bit AS you let the clutch the rest of the way out. You are encouraged to learn to ride that friction point with light braking for low speed maneuvers.

  30. Carburetor been cleaned and or re-jet? Throttle cables free from damage and lubed up? Clutch cable too? Clutch itself not engaging properly? Fresh oil & correct amount?

  31. Hydronic clutch, recently serviced n holding pressure, fuel injected no carburetor

  32. Shoot, I forget not all bikes have carbs haha. I mean if the throttle cables all seem fine… I’d call the shop that did the clutch, assuming the shop did a test ride… Guess it could be the injector too… sorry I’m not more help man!

  33. Generally you’d just go look at artist/shop portfolios, pick someone you want to do it, and call.

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