1. And team “fuck yo hip jammarr, PLAY” is OUT for the playoff

  2. Cut a wire, it’s broken. If she buys a new one, then you need to take some other ppl’s advice of talking to another adult about it.

  3. I spoke to mr chase earlier and he indeed said he was 100%.

  4. Let me give you an advice that might save your life as a veteran lifter that doesnt use spotters either. Never use clamps when benching, you need to be able to bail.

  5. Fuck, I gotta decide between Godwin, chase and swift. Swift plays tomorrow so I'll have to roll the dice on chase if I choose to bench swift.

  6. Do I start Burks or Rachaad white ? Flex.

  7. With Joe Mxion out, my RB1 & RB2 are Rachaad White and that RB from KC name starts with J. Field PLS BRO

  8. I had Field but he's injured as well. Just sent a wire Trevor Lawrence

  9. I didnt see any tides, did yall see any tides? wait theres 3 girls??

  10. How about stop driving and possibly take some driving courses. You could kill someone one of these days..

  11. A Pokemon with a level higher than what you can control will not attack when sent out to Auto Battle. It just makes an angry noise and stays still.

  12. Hmm I sent a higher lvl pokemon to auto battle and he did not disobey

  13. You have done enough king. Its time to rest

  14. What are the plants on picture 3?

  15. You need a malicious right? Pm me

  16. Anyone have a malicious armor to trade? I have an auspicious armor. Please I've been looking all day...🥺

  17. I can do this, I need an auspicious. You ready?

  18. Its time to move on, there are so many unknowns here. Let's says he theoretically ignore you because you "left him on read" is that someone you want to be with lol? I dont know about you but that is childish as fuck.

  19. 1 million but its pointless to go above 1,000

  20. Sorry to hear and good luck. This would not be the place to ask nor should you accept any jobs on reddit.

  21. Idk, usually when I cross the street I wait until the street is clear first, Idk tho I like to look both ways before's something that only I usually do but idk. What do you guys think?

  22. Watch you have to start selling your house and car to obtain rare books. You will start to illegally smuggle forbidden and accident texts around the world. You will become the most wanted book smuggler in the world.

  23. Wow what a shitty parent (no offense). Talk to your brother and explain how you feel about the situation, let him know you are on his side.

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