AITA for telling my son that he ruined Christmas for me and his stepdad when he decided to spend it with his dad?

A smol, delicate danger noodle.

Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Have you only had one letter i have had 3 lol they harassing me to go back to work lol

  2. So nothing else happens? It’s only harassment?

  3. I recieved it, too. Not sure it's implemented, yet. I haven't done anything about the letter.

  4. Jeg fant en fyr på Tinder som skrev på profilen sin:

  5. Trenger ikke skolen for å lære det. Det der lærer du ved å vokse opp i et samfunn.

  6. Der har du problemet ditt: HVIS DU KOMMER FRA DE RETTE FAMILIENE.

  7. Ser ut som noen her ikke kom fra de rette familiene, og hadde hatt godt av litt bedre leseferdigheter.

  8. Pre-dany Tyrion was quite capable. Don't know what happened to Dany-Tyrion. I'd blame the writers.

  9. Yes, the writer screwed up his personality completely.

  10. Ohhh yeah good point — feels a bit obvious now, thank you for mentioning it :)

  11. Enjoy all the beautiful nabe-mono. Hotpot food! 😍

  12. I’d like to see Daenerys and Vizzy T meet. Both rulers with good intentions who just can’t seem to get it right.

  13. Stock up on grapes throughout all of autumn, then continue growing wine in winter

  14. I'm pretty sure the yta judgments are because he told her to leave work early so he could yell at her, and then told her that his seniority in the house means she doesn't get to decorate for a holiday she does in fact celebrate. He's hanging the fact that he's lived there longer over her head.

  15. You made her leave work to come home and be yelled at for making a huge effort in making your shared home look festive? Jeeby Creeby, YTA, OP. A massive one!

  16. I love a good storm. I remember when I lived there. In September there were a bunch of storms that rolled in. My Icelandic friend and I were mesmerized, whilst our Floridian flatmate just rolled her eyes at us :')

  17. May I ask for some more specific plans for Lake Biwa?

  18. I don't want justification. What is wrong for me is wrong for me. There can never be enough justifications about Corlys wanting to marry his daughter of 12 to the king for power.

  19. Damn. Calm down, no point in name calling here.

  20. It's not you. Just that my situation did became like that guy in the photo. I said a hot take and wanted to hear others, instead all I got were arguments. If I wanted a discussion, I wouldn't have asked for an unpopular opinion

  21. I mean, you are right. By our modern standards, and by a way, to those standards too. Rhaenyra says it herself to Rhaenys, that this should bother her as Laena's mother.

  22. This has got to be fake. No one is this stupid.

  23. Sadly, I didn’t check out the onsen, only the beach. But pictures of the view from those onsen haunt my dreams.

  24. Raikes got into high society through the women. We never saw men accepting him much. It was clearly women promoting him. Some of them just wanted an "extra man" to make up numbers but I think it's pretty clear that the primary reason is that he was probably providing flirtation and possibly even other "services" to bored society wives and single ladies who are less well-behaved/supervised than Marian and Gladys. Basically, he was good-looking and the ladies were into him.

  25. You're rooting for them because Fellowes is a super blue blooded Englishman married to the daughter of a bleeting Earl. He is so unbelievably class biased in every single piece of his work. He writes the old guard as way more multidimensional and superior to the poor, working class, middle class, and new money because that is his own personal view of the world. His view stems from his privileged background and he writes in a manner that makes you root for his own champions.

  26. I’m rooting for them because of Christine Baranski and Cynthia Nixon. My love for those two actresses erase any problems I have with the characters.

  27. Do we have fruit trees yet? Or are you talking about the normal sap trees?

  28. “Looks her best”? What the fuck are you talking about, it’s an actress playing a character. Are you saying she’s most attractive? Or that she most resembles your vision of the character? Or that that her looks enhance the narrative? What a vague and useless opinion.

  29. Obviously that hair & makeup did their best choices for the character that season. Loretta was always gorgeous.

  30. Ugh no, thats not an appropriate take. Unless an intact male dog is humping an intact female in heat, its not sexual. They hump because they get anxious/overstimulated and dont know what else to do with the energy. They also learn it from eachother. Its flat out rude behavior, but dont compare it to SA

  31. From the assaulted’s point of view it can feel like the same.

  32. Varys. He might try to kill me, but at least he is honest about working for the people, not for himself.

  33. I wonder if the Spencers (i.e. Diana's parents and siblings) curtsied to her while she was POW.

  34. Probably. Being POW is one of the highest ranks in the system.

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