1. Absolutely you still should, it likely won’t be phased out until much later (2024-2025) in the future and even then we won’t know to what extent the new LG section will differ from the old one

  2. Correct! You won’t know which one is the unscored experimental section so you have to try your best on all of them

  3. The long-term average growth of the US stock market is around 10% per year. Every dollar of credit card debt that you pay off earns your double that (20%). And unlike the stock market, that 20% return is guaranteed. No, I would not slow down on paying off your credit cards.

  4. That’s a really good way to think about it that I didn’t consider. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Thank you for the response! This advice and reassurance was what I was looking for

  6. Keep in mind Roth only has a $6k limit. 457 is $20.5k, so depends on how much you’re planning on putting in

  7. My income isn’t high, 22.50 an hour at 40 hours a week. Are you suggesting that it may be better to just not open the 457 and just invest in my Roth IRA since I’m not staying at my job for that long?

  8. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet I highly doubt that there is anything anyone can say to you to change your mind. But on the slight chance that something does, I’ll bite. You’re part of privileged majority of people who’s symptoms of Covid are mild to nonexistent. You’re ignorant of the people who aren’t as lucky as you; those who are immunocompromised and would have severely worse symptoms causing them to miss their education and perhaps even threaten their life. Ignorant of those people who can’t get the vaccine due to their medical circumstances even though they may want it. And at the end of the day, if you’re an incoming student, it doesn’t matter if you want it or not. It’s mandated for students so if you don’t get it you’ll be barred from attending classes in person.

  9. You’re obviously so far into you’re hole that you’re not going to be open to any other points of view, so I won’t waste my time on someone who doesn’t care to actually listen to anyone else.

  10. We don't control the lights, though we can contact Campus Planning who have an influence on those intersections.

  11. Just realized on maps the street is called orchard road, not blue ridge, so it isn’t confusing

  12. I was there. Dozens of people were taken out by ambulance and I did not get to walk. The ceremony started an hour and half late

  13. The ceremony was supposed to be done at 10. It’s now 10 not a single grad has been called

  14. The ceremony started an hour and a half late then there were speeches. We’ve finally started calling names at about 10:20

  15. I got a 10 dollar gift card to the MU from a campus survey last month but never redeemed it

  16. Take an online course like 7Sage. Don't spend the extra money for a live classroom course.

  17. When you say take online courses from them, do you mean like get one their subscriptions?

  18. California AB 122 makes it legal for bicycles to treat a stop sign as a yield when they deem it safe.

  19. The lap pool is pretty busy at the afternoon and evening times so if you do want to go I’d show up 10-15 minutes early or be prepared to wait a bit before being let it. The morning time is usually your best bet to get in without a wait but this week the pool is short staffed so there’s only one pool open (max of 12 people instead of 20) starting next Monday it should be back to normal, reducing the wait time quite a bit but if you’d like to know how busy it is at any given time I’d call ahead before heading down!

  20. Go easy on your orientation leaders, they’re underpaid and severely understaffed (you’ll notice the size of the groups are very large) but have fun

  21. So no difference then lol, rarely see bikers stop at stop signs anyways

  22. So I also opened an account and became concerned. I’ve been on the phone with them 3 different times and basically there was a large computer glitch for accounts created a couple of weeks ago and account access is limited or unavailable. You’ll have to try calling their 800 number.

  23. Weird because I also see them taking funds out of bank account. Nothing big only a few cents

  24. Yeah they deposited funds, so that’s why I was concerned and finally called. It’s a big mess and I got locked out of my account for at least another week because of the issue. It’s been frustrating. They were helpful and were able to invest my money into the fund I wanted but I have no way of seeing my account.

  25. Yeah very frustrating but I’m happy to know I’m not the only one! Will be calling them tomorrow first thing

  26. I had to pay around 300 bucks last year for my online orientation that I didn’t even go to because it was dumb so welcome to that

  27. Not saying I don't agree but also welcome to being an adult where you should pay attention to the places you are required (or choose) to put your money and become educated about it.

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