1. I’m not from the USA and I’ve never been to a Dick Fil A irl but I’d be really ashamed to patron one. Are people not embarrassed to support a bigoted organisation with their whole chests? Like… are peoples lives and rights seriously less important to you than some chicken sandwiches?

  2. It's kinda virtue signaling for a lot to go to Chick-fil-A and get their hate chicken. They always have huge lines, especially when the news first broke about them funding anti LGBT groups that they would go out of their way to wait in an hour long line to get a sandwich

  3. Looks like they have a store page set up for the Exploding Whales but not hats on it

  4. For good families with upstanding morals who don't want to watch Reading Rainbow on that communist PBS. It even has "rainbow" in the name! What next, kids learn Roy G Biv?

  5. Fr atleast 2-5% of all the dollops involve people being lost in the outback. Favourites being Lasseters Reef and Pilot Hans Bertram

  6. It's like when conspiracies about flat earth or hollow moon come around and somehow they are always about THE JEWS

  7. Retro stadium aesthetic. We’re down with the Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers. All parks that, far as I’m aware, won’t put enormous boards in for sake of changing the feel of the park.

  8. Yeah it's cool the Orioles are keeping that look it's one of the best in the majors

  9. Making fried plantains after next time I go to the store thank you for the idea

  10. This kind of mindset is part of why she's floundering. She only thinks of the outcome of making bank from going viral and doesn't realize you need to make something people want to watch

  11. It's always come off to me like they have a special knowledge that nobody outside of their circle does similar to how they always view Christians as being persecuted and that makes them feel special. It's just a fad diet and they'll move on to the next thing in a few years when they get tired of talking about bone broth

  12. Going purely by vibes and something completely different I would recommend Unpacking and When the Past was Around which are both point and click games

  13. This looks like a 90s point-and-click adventure game

  14. New Bible Museum interactive exhibit where you play as Carmen Sandiego to steal antiquities for Hobby Lobby and slip ISIS some cash on the side

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