1. It's a stretch to say that pointing out something so obvious makes her partially responsible for Chris' death. Chris is far more responsible than Carmela by making his revenge fantasy so blatant

  2. Jesus. I wish I could upvote you a million times. Musical theatre is like nails on a chalk board to me. I’d legit rather listen to Merzbow, which literally sounds like amplified nails on a chalkboard, than musical theater.

  3. Where are my fellow harsh noise lovers and musical theater haters at?

  4. I mean he's not asking out of concern for the kid. He's asking specifically to hurt Janice

  5. Then why phrase as if he's asking a genuine question? He clearly doesn't care about the kid

  6. I've been using a thin piece of duct tape wrapped around maybe 3 times and have had no issues with it

  7. Because the production so far hasn't been able to flesh out the story without creating problems. The tournament/birth scenes would have been a great piece if they didn't over work their one collective braincell to add in that Viserys chooses to kill her with a C section, or add in someone going apeshit on a bunch of the heirs and knights of major houses just so they could show someone getting axed in the face.

  8. I took that whole montage scene as the director drawing parallels between combat and childbirth, something that Aemma says to Rhaenyra earlier in the episode. I think it was an interesting juxtaposition to show a woman screaming in pain while trying to create a life while a crowd cheers when a man gets his face smashed in. It's a little on the nose but so are most of the metaphors in this series

  9. love haden as a sideman, i’m interested to see how he is as a bandleader.

  10. You're in for a treat. He and Carla Bley are pulling from all these different influences from El Salvador folk songs to classical music to free jazz. It's an amazing arrangement with a killer lineup

  11. I’m a sekiro not liker because 1 main weapon is not enough imo, but I don’t actively hate it it’s just jot for me. I assume there are other morons like myself

  12. Just use different prosthetics, that's where the build variety comes from

  13. One of my favorite pieces. People pretend the Klimt kiss is good but I'm like have you seen this?

  14. This painting is great but it doesn't hold a candle to Klimt

  15. I wouldn't want to be soaking in that piss filled jacuzzi either.

  16. Pissing in a pool is one thing but a jacuzzi? That's a big faux pas

  17. Why know things when you can palm mute 32nd notes at 120bpm

  18. I think people should lean into what makes them unique as a guitarist. Theory is great but I don’t let it box me in

  19. The only people who think theory is going to box them in are people who haven't learned any theory. Theory is a guideline, not rules set in stone. You'd never hear an author say "I don't like using a thesaurus. I think it makes my writing more unique that I thought of all the words myself"

  20. If I remember correctly Dan Barret has some Instagram pics where he's surprisingly jacked

  21. Everything else pales in comparison to this masterpiece

  22. Not necessarily shoegaze, but Snowpony (made up of Deb Googe and Katherine Gifford) has some of deepest pocket drumming I've ever heard.

  23. Didn’t Febby point the rifle at him then lower it when he saw Meadow?

  24. I think he lowered it when he saw that there was an older couple nearby. Febby definitely would've killed him if there wasn't anyone else around

  25. don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong by liking bloodborne

  26. I think that the “boys club antics” are to reflect just how young all the men are. Most of these guys are fresh out of college and it’s their first job, they come from fraternities and keep that behavior. Notice how Salvatore rarely engages in the behavior. I do think they tone down the misogyny from season 2 onwards though.

  27. Something tells me Sal had his own reasons for not taking part in their antics beyond his age

  28. And is this coming from a strong hunch you have? Or do you have anything to actually base that on?

  29. Do you think there's a massive different the top 1% and the top 2%? And do you think it'd be impossible to recreate what that top 1% has done? I can understand where you're coming from but 1% isn't nearly large enough to collapse society

  30. Who was the openly gay character in this scene?

  31. Megan's agent in LA doesn't outright say he's gay but it's pretty obvious from his mannerisms and the joke he makes about Don having nothing to worry about when it comes to him and Megan

  32. He was at the birthday party? I'm finna go back and rewatch!

  33. Oh my bad, I misread your comment. I think the other comment was talking about the sax player

  34. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - S/T has a pretty similar vibe

  35. "The other 3 did not want it an the album" Sources for what Paul, George, and Ringo wanted?

  36. If I remember correctly, George and Yoko helped John with it

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