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  1. Try using xoom send money to yourself at bank pickup is cheaper then western union send it usd or whatever beside dong the conversion rates are not as good

  2. Ww84 was shit - black Adam was decent

  3. There is like 20 coffee shop options that taste better and is cheaper every block fuck Starbucks

  4. Too bad I live far away from Saigon lol I don’t drink - I like to go gym and try to do normal stuff 🤣

  5. I live around the corner from this school what a tragedy - and this school was expensive and they charge the students for each meal - makes me afraid to send our kid to school or eat the in house food the school provides

  6. Both my kids go to school there. My son had only mild symptoms but my 6-year-old daughter was really sick and spent 5 nights in the hospital. She just got out yesterday. The child who died was in her grade. Needless to say, we're changing schools.

  7. Damn I hope everyone is okay now that’s such a scary situation to be in 🫶

  8. I live in Vietnam recently my building have a great influx of Russian Nationals 🤔

  9. Better watch Rambo 2 just in case, to be ready.

  10. I’m actually old enough to watch all the Rambo’s before lol 😆

  11. Just went there in June with my Vietnamese wife - I suggested moving there too she said “Hell No” - we are in Nha Trang now lol

  12. Just watched it was entertaining movie 🍿 7-8/10

  13. These peoples aren’t activists their just a bunch of assholes and brats who need to get fucking slap in the face

  14. I bought 250K at .003. Wish I had bought more. Believe in all the ground work laid out in front of us and stay patient. Our time will come!! 🙏🏼

  15. I’m 1.23 million average .003278 💰💰💰waiting and waiting now 🥹

  16. I been sitting on 1.2 million shares for over a year

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