1. Homestuck is great because it's one of those pieces of media where the author could declare that any of the characters is canonically autistic and 9 times out of 10 I wouldn't even question it

  2. I've only seriously attempted to nuzlocke XY but Battle Girl Hedvig, Brains and Brawn Frank and Sly, and those two with the Furfrou have all been nightmares to deal with each time.

  3. I just did this and had to move 3 houses. I was kind of relieved they make it easy and cheap to do so. Such a pain in the butt! Especially since you can only move one a day.

  4. I just realized they changed it to 10k bells? Omg? I haven't played since it still cost 50k to move buildings. Suddenly I am a lot less stressed about this now.

  5. Try using custom designs to mark out spaces! I have a white square with a red ex through it I only use for measuring purposes.

  6. I used items on the ground to mark my spaces but I guess I did it wrong

  7. It's definitely something on your device or network. Do you have another computer or something you can try on the same network?

  8. I've tried on both my phone and my computer and there aren't any other computers in the house

  9. Reminds me of a moment I had where I lost one of my soon to be best mons in a nuzlocke of Legends Arceus… if you or anyone has played it. It’s really brutal. So far my run is becoming a sort of bloodbath of soon to be good mons, that go down because RNG gods decides it wants to make me sweat

  10. I've never nuzlocked PLA but God just thinking about it is brutal. Even pokemon half your level can be an issue if you get ganged up on, it's crazy. Godspeed

  11. I'm sorry for your lost, but i'm curious about what's the sixth pokemon in your team. Your team seems quite competent overall,.btw

  12. In the picture my team was: Azumarill (Pepsi), Ivysaur (Hamburger), Braixen (Flapjack), Aerodactyl (Dino Nuggies), Furfrou (Parfait), and Crobat (Raspberry).

  13. Pretty sure they discontinued these…guess we know why lol

  14. Some ships... Like some of them are ok... Like Legoshi x Juno or Legoshi x Haru... You know, the ones tham makes sense... But some of them are... why...? The characters that they ship, either never interacted or they hate each other... For example Riz x Temm... One of them is f# dead because of the other...

  15. To be fair idk how the anime portrayed it (didn't watch season 2) but Riz's feelings towards Tem definitely bordered on homoerotic. I don't see the appeal of shipping them in any way but unrequited love though. Just kind of bland and misses the point

  16. The shipping. It was cool and funny at first. But it got excessive and ridiculous.

  17. Like with all things in fandom, shipping is so much fun if you ignore everybody else around you. Unfortunately, if you want to consume ship content you have to go look for it, and then you'll just casually stumble across the most aggressive and toxic people imaginable.

  18. Both the existence of the copypasta and the cum jar make this tragic. Which is a shame bc putting a plush of a pokemon that can turn into liquid into a jar is pretty funny.

  19. Bunch of people in the comments are being quite mean. I think the art is cute and I'm excited to see u improve :)

  20. I don't have any recommendations because I don't really watch furry youtube but I do agree with you. I think most furry youtubers kind of suck because they're either wayyyy too balls deep in the fandom, or they're pandering to children.

  21. See my issue is that these smells have lasted a long time. I lived in that previous city for about a year and the potato house smelled like potatoes the entire time. It's just two really specific smells to be reoccuring.

  22. Yeah, that mega gyarados can be tough without an azumarill. I'm running Y right now, and I'd say he's the hardest boss in the game.

  23. all the corny o->eaux stuff was the worst part about living in Baton Rouge

  24. I lived in SWLA where the nearest city of any importance was maybe Lafayette but good God the frenchification of every word with an O sound was INSANE. When I go to hell I'll be forced to drive forever in a hot car on slippery roads and every road sign will have an eaux on it

  25. Literally do not worry about the protogen rules. Making up rules for your species is stupid and restrictive just have fun with it man

  26. I feel cosmically satisfied knowing that's where this question in the quizlet I was cheating on my homework came from

  27. At this point it looks like you could graft these back onto the pig

  28. Real gamers develop shrimp posture so they can reach the keyboard and face the monitor easier than lowly posturecels :muscle:

  29. What... Uh, what happened there, friend? What are the burnt kernels floating in?

  30. Water. My mom had to soak the kernels to get them out of the popcorn maker

  31. Did you know you can just cook popcorn in a pan on the stove with a little oil? The container of seeds will even tell you exactly how much oil you need.

  32. We could have done that, but that'd spoil the fun of just absolutely destroying the kitchen with burnt plastic and popcorn smell

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