1. If you can't keep your face in cold water, just splash it on your face for about 1-2 minutes.

  2. Update*********** nancy was culled last night she was thinner and very active with her head and feet but not able to stand walk or lay eggs. not sure what happened. Im still looking at other quail to try and figure if theyre sick as well. my husky was ill last night nausea. but thank yous to everyone who provided input.

  3. Thanks for the response. Would you recommend doing keto for an extended period to reset my gut bacteria? Only reason I'm hesitant is because of the severe low blood sugar I may get. However maybe that's a hurdle I have to brave

  4. https://www.everydayhealth.com/adhd/gut-health-and-adhd-is-there-a-link/

  5. Ohe too except I can’t do lentils or cruciferous veggies (makes me gassy and hurts sooo much). The almond flour tortillas are my new fav!!! I love sweet potatoes and basmati rice. Pretty much stoped with fruit but if I had any it was be organic strawberries and blueberries with almond milk smoothie. I love a rice cake with some organic peanut butter and tiny smidge of organic homemade strawberry jam for a little dessert. I’m hungry now…

  6. Make sure to soak your rice and wash it well before cooking. Read somewhere that some rice contains Arsenic.

  7. I think that doctors have no clue how due deal with Long covid. That's why they dismiss it. It hurts their ego. They're ignorant about other diseases too, not only long covid. I have histamine intolerance and a internal medicine doctor told me it's my anxiety that is causing weird symptoms, but I'm fine. So yeah...I found out about histamine intolerance after doing my own research and getting a blood test paid from my own pocket. So don't give up. Fight for your truth.

  8. Doctors shouldn't be Doctors for their ego, it should be to help. I expect people to try their best and have more respect for people who do. Doctors could at least do a little research and at least learn the basics.

  9. Doctors see so many people who are suffering that they get desensitized to suffering. So most don't care, they just want the money. People being gaslit by doctors has been a thing even since the pandemic. So don't expect anything from anyone because you'll end up disappointed. Do your own research and maybe present your evidence to them. Worth a shot.

  10. Nu cred ca erau romanesti, dar erau niste dropsuri cu gust de capsunr si ambalajul arata ca o capsuna. Am cautat prin magazine si nu mai gasesc. Nu stiu daca isi mai aduce aminte cineva de ele.

  11. Listen to the fertility specialist as they are trained specifically for this.

  12. Are you on any medication? I can say from my experience that chronic stress made my Tsh to rise in a couple of months. Before I was subclinical. Then a couple of months of intense stress due to other health issues and Tsh was 5.1 ( doubled in a couple of months). I know it because I had signs of Hypothyroidism but because the Tsh wasn't high enough I didn't receive treatment. Also I'm low on vitamin D and it's very important in Hashimoto. So yes, I would say manage your stress levels and monitor your vitamin D, iron, B12. You know nutrients that keep you healthy overall.

  13. Iron and magnesium supplements have made a huge difference. I also load up on spinach, broccoli, meat and sometimes cereal for extra iron. And then I really try to stay hydrated. I freaking hate water but powdered mixes and tea helps.

  14. Don't drink tea close to your meals as it will impede with Iron absorbtion.

  15. No offense, but are you trying to end up in a Chubbyemu video? That's too much liquid! 2-3 litres is enough. I drink 4l if it's a hot day. That's not ok. Please consult a doctor.

  16. A lot of people swear by rosemary oil to help with hair regrowth. Mixed with a carrier oil. Massage your scalp every night before bed to improve blood flow to the area. It also helps to destress after a long day. And make sure you have a balanced diet and aren't deficient in vitamins/minerals.

  17. Cum stai cu tiroida si cu glicemia? Hipertiroida te poate face sa transpiri si poti fi hipoglicemic fara sa ai simptome foarte grave.

  18. Atunci fuck off bro - ca noi din punct de vedere mental suntem satui de din astia de isi plang de mila si nu cauta sa se schimbe.

  19. Nu judeca. Stii cat e de usor sa ajungi ca el sau mai rau? Poate omul posteaza intruna acelasi lucru in idee ca poate ii ofera cineva o idee sau un ajutor cum sa isi imbunatateasca situatia. Ffs. Sar unii pe aici de fund in sus de parca le-a cerut omul bani. Suntem un popor de penibili. Pe bune, nu ne mai facem bine. Pe zi ce trece le dau dreptate europenilor din vest fiindca nu ne plac.

  20. Maine la ora asta încerc iar sa iau un pumn de pastile, ca duminica noaptea, dar fără sa fiu prins.

  21. Nu deranjezi, doar ca ai multe pretentii de la unii. Nu te va ajuta nimeni. Nu zic asta din rautate, ci din prisma unei persoane cu boli cronice care zace in pat. Lumea e buna doar sa critice, desi multe care o fac poate sunt mai in rahat ca tine. Cat timp te poti deplasa si te poti hrani singur, nu e totul pierdut. Imi pare rau. Nu stiu cum e sa traiesti cu schizofrenie, dar stiu ce inseamna depresia. Mergi mai departe cum poti. Eu cred ca vrei sa traiesti, dar te simti prins. Poate o schimbare de perspectiva nu ti-ar prinde rau. Eu in locul tau as pleca in alta tara si nu m-as mai uita inapoi.

  22. There is a lovely lady on Youtube who shows how she treats her injured birds with home made remedies. Pavlovafowl. She also has a blog called the Holistic Hen where she has useful information about healing wounds.

  23. I would recommend you to have a thyroid eco done by a specialist. My case was as follows: I had hypothyroidism symptoms for a long time, but all the tests were fine. Vitamin D was on the low side, so was Ferritin. So I thought that my symptoms were due to those. Had an thyroid scan and was told that my thyroid had a bit of an abnormal structure. So it showed signs that it was suffering. I didn't take treatment right away. I had a very stressful couple of months and my Tsh shot to 5.1 from 2.3 so I was given treatment. I haven't tested my antibodies this year. I have been Euthyrox for a month now and my blood tests are fine again. Do that thyroid scan so you can have a complete picture of what is going on. And don't forget that your thyroid needs other things to help it function. Vitamin D, Iron levels, B9, B12, Selenium, Iodine etc. I don't know everything, but if you have other questions I can answer feel free to message me.

  24. Idk, to me— It sounds like there’s a lot more there than just body stuff—did you have any adverse childhood experiences that might have contributed to your depression at such a young age? Any Family history of mental illness struggles along with the Hashimoto’s? Any maladaptive family patterns/inter generational issues? Take ACES (adverse childhood experiences study) survey and see where you score, you can google it, there’s a correlation between those experiences and then developing depression/autoimmune conditions—I have CPTSD on top of my Hashimoto’s, along with family history and I happen to be vegetarian/semi vegan too but I became one as an adult long after all these issues took hold so I don’t feel it’s because of being veg—going veg actually helped me get in tune with the bad habits and toxic patterns in my family—plus people have weird biases about being veg and love blaming that as an easy cause. I feel strongly that my issues are a mix of being abused horribly and then my body struggling to cope/getting triggered into having Hashi’s which then all Impacts my mental health, it’s all connected and while I do think diet impacts things, I don’t agree that eating animal flesh is some cure all like some of the comments are saying. If you’re worried about nutritional deficiencies get your blood levels checked to be sure But, like I said, for me—it was a much deeper issue

  25. Check out dr Gabor Mate's lectures about childhood trauma and how traumas can lead to illnesses.

  26. 17 is too low to feel normal and by now you may actually be below the reference range. If your losing more blood than your body can replace which is probably the case you will need to take supplements I'm surprised they didn't have you start iron pills earlier. Big hugs I know how terrible this situation is. My doctor said my Ferritin level needs to be over 30 to get back to normal I was at 89 and stopped taking iron pills for a few months and it went back to 52 so I'll need to stay on top of it from now on. Once your Ferritin gets low enough diet cant fix it. But don't start taking pills until you know what your Ferritin is first. Good news is after only 4 days of high dose iron pills I felt way way more alive. Get tested ASAP!

  27. Thank you for the advice and your kindness!

  28. No worries hun hope you get feeling better very soon. And one more thing being anemic and taking thyroid replacement medication can cause anxiety my was hella bad before I got both problems fixed. Get your B12 and vitamin D tested as well because often they can be low if you have hypothyroidism. Our 21 year old son had been so lethargic, depressed acting, not sleeping well and having a hard time remembering things I got his vitamins tested and his vitamin D was 15 with the cut off being 30 so he's been taking 50,000 ui of D3 for the last 2 weeks and the improvement is incredible and he's a thin very healthy boy but just being vitamin deficient laid him out. Have a good weekend

  29. My B12 was ok when I tested. Not great, but decent. Vitamin D was low. 22. The accepted level was 30. So it's low. I also have some back issues and can't really walk for long without feeling exhausted. My muscles feel very heavy and I feel weak. Doctors just messed me up instead of helping and I am not exaggerating or putting the blame on others. They just say that it's my anxiety that's causing these things. Doctors to tend to neglect women a lot. I know my body best and feel when something is wrong. I've gotten more useful info from regular people who are going through tough time dues to their illnesses than doctors. That speaks a lot. Thank you very much for your care. I'll up my D3 intake and see what happens.

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