1. It’s so cute though I think it would keep vertical if you style it like they have here- black long pants.

  2. Yes! Would work if you wear it with dark color pants. I really like the style

  3. Wasn’t Meriam the one that tried to make a case for Taylor Swift being a 5”11 Gamine?

  4. Agree! I see SD - vertical and curve

  5. Omg I love this 😂😂. And I think we all know what post this is a reaction to 😅

  6. That’s what I’ve been struggling to figure out. I’ve been told I seem taller than I am, but I don’t know if vertical is something I have to accommodate for. Is there a way to tell?

  7. From what I’ve discovered, vertical is one long line from your shoulders down to your knees. For me, the easiest way to tell if you need to accommodate vertical is to try out the lines. See how you feel in a dress that hits your ankles - do you feel at home there or do you feel like it’s dragging you down to the ground a bit? Or it feels like you “borrowed a dress from a taller friend” if that makes sense?

  8. Imo you are right with sd cause I see kibbie curve with length? I was surprised seeing fn in the comments as width does not strike me at all

  9. Same! I don’t see FN at all. I don’t see Kibbe width or “openness”.

  10. I don't think it's about the lushness. I spot frame before curve, that's why I think OP is FN.

  11. If you spot frame before curve, but don’t see the openness (which I def don’t see her), wouldn’t it be D vs FN? Unless you see the openness/width that I don’t see

  12. Congrats!! What season are you looking for, depending where you live - do you need more summer, fall, winter items for the next 5 months ?

  13. SD! You have upper curve, which means you need to accommodate curve and you have vertical. I also see length in your limbs and fingers.

  14. I would argue this is what SD is not. My understanding is SD’s softness should be from the flesh, not from frame. If a person’s frame is curvy then they would not be SD. A low weight SD would look like a dramatic bc the fleshiness is more hidden.

  15. I think we need to clarify this tapered ribcage thing because it seems to be causing some confusion.

  16. I would say Raquel Welch would need to accommodate width if she didn’t have more dominate upper curve. But because she is fleshy and has big boobs that dominates. Kibbe has said SDs may need to accommodate width and curve but the curve dominates.

  17. By that logic, if Raquel got a breast reduction or lost weight, she would become a FN, if you’re saying she needs to accommodate width.

  18. You could be either SD or D. I’m leaning towards D because I think you would look great in narrow/streamlined items and you definitely have that regal vibe that pure Ds have.

  19. I agree on this one! I definitely think it’s an SD thing, but I would imagine other types who need to accommodate curve have a hard time with denim.

  20. Yes! This is exactly my problem. You get it lol, especially the overpowered by them part. It just looks like there’s so much focus on the bottom even with the right top. Do you have any suggestions for pants that would accommodate curve that aren’t jeans? I just want something for everyday!

  21. Pants are pretty easy for an SD - basically any pants will do as long as they 1) hug your butt/hips/waist and 2) are long

  22. FN for sure. She has lots of openness to her shoulders/upper back and she looks at home in her oversized jackets. They don’t overpower her.

  23. Lol yea! Straight and/or oversized is not the way to go for an SD. You can still do button downs, they do look good on us ! Just make sure it is fitted. Also, silk button downs look amazing as well.

  24. FN - loads of width, vertical, frame dominance and no need for curve accommodation. She looks great in her model off duty over sized coat.

  25. I hear what you are saying! I think we you are going though is a vary common “hurtle” for an SD, and honestly, for women in general who grew up a bit more conservative.

  26. I believe frame dominant is a way to describe the natural types. SN is Frame dominant, but also needs to accommodate curves. FN is frame dominant, but also needs to accommodate vertical.

  27. No, he didn’t use it to describe a Natural the one time I’ve seen him use it. If you have Vertical as one of your accommodations, you’re frame-dominant, basically, except maybe in the rare combo of Vertical, Curve, and Petite maybe. It’s really a synonym for yang-dominant, I guess.

  28. Thank you! Which type has the vertical, curve and petite combo? I’m still so new to this and I thought vertical can’t coexist with petite?

  29. I see FN. I see a strong frame with no need for curve accommodation

  30. I second the Classic family - I see balance first and foremost

  31. SD! I see curve and vertical. SD can have a bit of width to their shoulders, just not enough to have the width be the dominant feature.

  32. I feel you! I worked in fashion for a brand that was very FN leaning. So, naturally, everyone that worked for the company wanted to represent that aesthetic. You could see the style progression of new hires - they would slowly morph into FNs.

  33. I am also a very thin SD, and have been on the extreme side of skinny due to an ED. At my absolute lowest, I resembled more of a pure D rather than an FN.

  34. I may be alone on this, but 1 all the way! I love everything about it - the neckline, the dramatic sleeves. The fabric is amazeballs, it looks rich and expensive. The dress is elegant and while it is conservative, it still looks incredibly sexy with the way the fabric clings to the body and moves with the curves.

  35. I vote 2! It’s the most flattering, even if it doesn’t drape around curves. The fabric has movement for your curves to “breathe”. I found that when I “break” SD rules, it’s easier to do with the correct fabric, which is what I think this dress does. We can’t always be draped in stretch jersey and look like we belong on a pedestal at a Greek exhibit lol!

  36. Oh yea I hear you on the cardigans! I noticed that doing monochrome cardigan makes it a lot more chic. So if you are wearing black, black cardigan etc.. Also putting a belt over works as well.

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