2. I wasn’t saying you cited an article that proved you wrong...just pointing to the support for my statement present there.

  3. That sounds like pretty solid advice. Does combat still work okay if I'm playing a character and dm at the same time?

  4. Have each combatant act their INT for tactics. Roll for selection when it’s not obvious.

  5. People post what they’re proud of. You’re seeing peoples’ best score of the season more often than not.

  6. Ahh. MERV 12 I think. Filterete 1500. A better one was recommended but it’s all that I could find locally.

  7. You’ll need MERV 15+ and a quite a lot more from a blower rather than a fan.

  8. So what’s the data on the actual reasons?


  10. Actually both! Looks like lamb's quarters

  11. Time to turn the people back to cigarettes to extract maximum money.

  12. It’s hard to say what’s discussed behind closed doors, but maybe the fda wants kids to use regular tobacco again.

  13. About 10 years ago in a small bar in northern indiana...I watched an old man give a very attractive woman $100 for the opportunity to try to suck her toe as she kicked him in the face. He got it...sucked the hell out of that toe.

  14. It’s compost...not trash. This is process waste, if you’re offended by it...don’t buy seeds/plants/anything at Walmart.

  15. Avoid placing it under trees. It’ll be covered in bird crap. I’d put it right where you’re standing in the first picture...maybe 10 feet back from the two wooden beds.

  16. That the cia is after him, his life could be in danger for talking about Agaritine, he has a secret compound in Canada that the cia flies helicopters over to torment him, etc...

  17. I have never in my life met a libleft that lets things go as “good one bro.”

  18. I’m not proud of how long it took me to realize he wasn’t rolling with the d8.

  19. The financial system, the propaganda system, Union leadership, etc etc... they infiltrated a long ass time ago...

  20. Phallus Rubicundus Devil’s Stinkhorn Do not eat. Kill by uprooting and treating with bleach or lime.

  21. Damn pacafists are ruining it for everybody. Fuck off pacafists.

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