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  1. That's right! Don't give in to the thinkers!

  2. living in authoritarian places like Russia or Texas must suck

  3. Making see-through Lego men with mouse organs inside.

  4. Because homosexuals are a minority, and homosexuality is something that most people will never have to face, so it’s easy to gang up on and hate something that you will never personally struggle with.

  5. this is a great answer. I never thought it through before but this is clearly the truth.

  6. please send this to Conan. he would love it.

  7. return them for a different reason. it's not working as expected. not even a lie.

  8. I always say no tip no matter what. if I'm tipping it's with cash. if the situation doesn't make sense to hand a specific person cash, it's not a tipping situation.

  9. Hope that’s a lake cause sea level and all

  10. if it's a lake it will a lot lot more room soon. :((

  11. we should have a catholic reporting system if so.

  12. I don't understand why people hate rabbid peach in soh .

  13. sheneeds to be higher. I'm calling the police!

  14. Yes, I'll have a Jesus burger with crucifixion fries. Can I get some immaculate conception sauce with that?

  15. Gift bags! keep them and reuse them. end of discussion.

  16. i extracted one of these from a cigarette a while ago, and squeezed it a bit too hard and it popped and went into my eyes. it was burning and cooling at the same time, 2/10 do not recommend

  17. This is how I justify my steam deck purchase.

  18. You guys had actual communion wine? We just had Welch's in mouthwash sized cups...

  19. I don't think they have wine anymore lol.

  20. don't get drunk on the really dry stuff. the church girls don't like it either

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