1. As I Lay Dying has a lot of what you’re looking for. So does Waves by V.W.

  2. Can't tilt after a loss if you never lose *tap forehead *

  3. Maybe he can apply that logic to the WC match this time around

  4. How are they imploding? Their SP & BP shut Padres offense off for the past 3 games lol

  5. Lol seriously. How about the 10+ LOB we had that game?

  6. Friendly reminder that there’s still a lot of game left. 4 runs in the second ain’t the time to phone it in

  7. I mean you know he’s going to get trashed again right

  8. he should be saying 'oh my lans,' which is the actual expression, but he's kinda dumb so he gets it wrong

  9. Ok lol before we take out the pitchforks those dot dot dots are obscuring “he’s a good hitter, he’s done a lot of damage to the teams I’ve been on”. Pretty clever use of ellipses by Harris and not much more lol

  10. Likening Goff to Fitzpatrick isn't really being a truther. Like Fitzpatrick has never been that good, there is a reason he's never really been the guy. Even in Buffalo where I believe he was the longest, everyone knew he was a bridge QB.

  11. Hot take (for this sub at least): Russell is an all time great and deserved to win Samoa.

  12. I was gonna post this and expected mass downvotes but am pleasantly surprised

  13. Lol I was expecting the same. Guess we’ve got a silent majority of Hantz supporters

  14. This sub is so irrationally anti hantz that it was about time the reverse jerk started

  15. One of my favorite things is watching the 49ers rams NFC championship game mic’d up. When the rams are down, there are a few minutes where the guys are all hyping each other up and jumping up and down or whatever and yelling and someone says something offhand to Von and he just kind of brushes the guy off because he’s just, like… so locked in. Like, almost psychotically so, like he doesn’t even register the things around him. In a way that nobody else on the sideline is. He just kind of keeps staring off into space, waiting to go in. I’ve wondered ever since if that’s why there is a “playoff Von,” because he can lock in to this weird degree and know that he just absolutely has to do what he has to do

  16. And a perfect passer rating too I think

  17. Well yeah if that isn’t a perfect rating idk what is lol

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