1. Is this the most humane way? I thought I read ice crystals can form before they’re in that “hibernation” state.

  2. I don't know a single person who would like to have something like that, lol.

  3. I have one! I used to be called butt chin in elementary school but I’ve learned to like it. As an adult I’ve only received positive remarks. I don’t think it’s specifically masculine.

  4. You look like you make really good Christmas cookies. Definitely cool grandma vibes.

  5. Cherokee noses are my fetish. Don’t listen to the media, only values elf noses.

  6. I don't think the heat pad is too hot or anything, it's a year old cheap one from pet smart that honestly needs replaced. With that said, I will gladly take heating suggestions!

  7. Careful with the heating pads especially when old. They can go on the fritz and burn.

  8. Food mites. Food mites!!! + Possibly mold depending on location and weather.

  9. I like the way you think. My first thought was, how’d you clean that?

  10. Just a piece of advice from good old Uncle Tarheels8293, never trust these reddit lawyers. Most of the time, they know nothing and the rest of the time they only know a little of what they are discussing.

  11. I’m going to keep my mouth shut until there’s a problem. I’m not in a position to die on a mole hill right now, I need a job.

  12. I used to make fun of my mom for saving my first haircut and that weird umbilical cord bit in a baby book. I now have 100+ molts in jars so I can no longer judge 😆

  13. I bought the corn flavor probably 4 months ago. I’ve only eaten one and it tasted like hot Kellogg’s Corn Pops cereal. I thought about donating the rest but I felt that would be cruel…

  14. The period at the end of congrats is very appropriate lol

  15. Male. Epiandrous fusillae is clearly visible like

  16. Poor thing, it must be hard for them to have soulless farts.

  17. Literally he is tall at 6’1. Come on people. An look at his past stage photos. Also u have to take in the fact this is great pump an lighting. This is totally realistic.

  18. This breaks my heart to see. Your developing body won’t be mature until you’re probably in your mid-twenties. When you’re 35 with a pacemaker and fertility problems you’re going to reflect on these lasting choices you’re making. I’m so glad I missed the social media era as a teen. You’re a handsome boy, be kind to yourself.

  19. What’s it like caring for a frilled lizard? What is their temperament like? All of my knowledge comes from The Rescuers Down Under lol

  20. Nah, the temperature thing with Siamese cat coats is what leads to pointing, because they’re a little chillier around their feet, ears, tails, etc. it just can’t get you lines as clean as that.

  21. I don’t know enough about this topic to have an opinion.

  22. I used to hide in my walk-in closet so much my mom put a TV and chair in there. I thought it was cool as a teenager, as an adult—one of those WTF? moments. That’s where I primarily self-harmed and she decorated it to make it more welcoming. Great parenting.

  23. Bought two sets of cozy earth sheets and after a week and a half on my bed they’re starting to pill. Can’t believe it when their website specifically says that they DO NOT PILL. Will use the warranty to try a new set but am not too hopeful that I won’t be sending them all back - will see

  24. I’m really liking my Cariloha’s. They’re a bit heavier but better quality so far.

  25. I started using cozy earth sheets a few months back, and while the sheets are so soft, cooling, and heavenly, they also started pilling immediately. One pillowcase had to be replaced after the first use, when the seam came apart. Cozy Earth did immediately send replacements, and for Christmas this year sent a $75, no minimum purchase credit to use. But I don't want low quality items that need to be constantly replaced, even if it is free. It's not eco friendly, and it's a hassle. I agree that "luxury" is not accurate.

  26. So far the Cariloha sheets seem be more durable. Definitely not as buttery or cool but will last more than a few weeks!

  27. Yeah I figured. I’m just confused how it happened in less than 48 hours.

  28. Any meteorites land near you lately? Maybe an alien species slipped in your pickles lol That’s quite a growth rate!

  29. Oh my goodness they are adorable! How do you combat littermate syndrome? I’d be so overwhelmed training two puppies at once!

  30. I have 5 other dogs so we pair them off with the others and give them individual time. We also train them separately which helps. We are basically forcing them to be independent of each other as much as possible. We fostered their entire litter of 8 so just having the two is a breath of fresh air lol.

  31. Wow that’s super impressive! Organizing that many pups sounds like a full time job.

  32. Looks great! The color goes well with your hair/skin tone. I just finally found a NYE dress. It was such a challenge, I looked for weeks. Is it me or do malls these days suck if you’re 30?

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