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  1. I have a hard time with this situation. Patrons: shut up, there is an artist performing! Artist: you ARE playing a bar. That's what people do at a bar.

  2. I don’t think Fiona Apple has played a bar where people weren’t there for her since before criminal came out.

  3. Everything is big in TX. But nothing is bigger than their ego.

  4. One thing texas gets right is the don’t mess with texas campaign. The amount of garbage everywhere in Kansas city sucks shit. Of course there is litter in texas as well but it pales in comparison to the shit all over the roadways here.

  5. The Antler Room, the tasting room at Corvino, Town Company, Farina

  6. I'd give humans openings in the space between the collar bones and the neck that our (two entirely separate) trachea connect to and relocate our vocal chords there.

  7. So the smell center is right by the arm pits? :::Cue Dennis gif about thinking of the smell:::

  8. Hopefully they fired him into the sun.

  9. I hate him as our 9 too, but he seems like a good dude. I don’t wish ill of him, just more bench time.

  10. SKC lost the second the backflip happened. You can't do that shit and not have soccer gods smite you into the earth immediately afterwards.

  11. Skc lost the second Shelton started

  12. SKC lost the second Pulido was out for the season weeks before it started.

  13. Nah, I really think with some creative lineups we could have been in a much better spot. Shelton is where our attack goes to die.

  14. Bring back the car or volt. Ground loot is absolutely the most garbage it's ever been.

  15. Should be on an lafc app. At least that’s how I watch it except the sporting kc app

  16. What do you mean nope. There is 100% a mobile app for lafc, and it should have your game with no need for a vpn.

  17. We looked playoff quality for the first time in like 15 games the first 75 min. Looked USL quality the second Shelton came on. Go figure.

  18. I don’t know if that own goal happens w melia. May not have layer out for it.

  19. Ehh that’s more on Fontas kicking it right into Pulskamp in my opinion.

  20. Well yeah, but there’d be no body on the ground

  21. He wants to know “why did you let Kyrie come in?? I clearly was just making him feel good, didn’t you see my wink??? You cant allow that sub man! C’mon!”

  22. Not: Ferrari fighting each other instead of helping w drs etc to catch max

  23. We’ve got no dp spots. You think he’s gonna be flexible about pay?

  24. What’d he say for those of us only watching the thread

  25. “That was embarrassing. He should be embarassed” or something like that, about Klimala’s fake injury

  26. Nah. Bobby stays in Arlen forever, Connie def moves to New York or Chicago or some other metropolis.

  27. ESH. They gotta get thiccr. Let’s be real, those little legs you got ain’t no briskets. You’ve got ground beef or you’d be winning. Just cause you got bigger legs than your chicken legged teammates doesn’t mean you got legs either.

  28. I require your strongest potions!

  29. You don’t understand! 51 Gs! Hospital! Hamilton celebrated!

  30. Orange lot at the speed way is free and easy. Plus you can walk through the white lot where the cauldron has their tailgate, which is open to opposing fans and usually very welcoming

  31. Pretty sure there’s no type of “family plan” or whatever. I tried figuring it out a while ago and got nowhere. Good luck though!

  32. They fucked up man. This distribution is way to left skewed. The majority of casual players will stop playing ranked because they feel they can no longer progress.

  33. Just being pedantic here but it’s a positive (right) skew. The longer tail end is the skew on a distribution. The mean rp would be way higher than the median, which is the easy way to remember the skew (for me at least).

  34. He’s the goddamn future of America!

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