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  1. If you want immediate gaming impact, I would say the GPU as the ryzen chip is still capable of powering most mid level GPU's out on the market.

  2. I see. I was worried that the GPU would be bottlenecked by the CPU since it's so old. Thanks for the reply btw

  3. Hello there ! To be honest I am curious as to how these sound compared to the 6xx and 600 when it comes to technicalities, mid range and subbass .

  4. Hey, honestly I would love to write a proper review of these but I have been a bit busy with work at the moment.

  5. Thanks for the reply . No worries about the review- work is more important after all . Hopefully I will be able to read your review in a few weeks / months when you get the time .

  6. I was using the akg m220 and akg k612 pro before I got these. Pretty decent headphones in their respective price brackets imo. Pretty sure I also had a sennheiser hd 201 at some point too lmao

  7. Yes. When he does the superman dive, his spikes break off and start regenerating again.

  8. You can straight up buy most ammo.

  9. From the guy that sells shit for zenny. He's sitting on top of a bunch of crates.

  10. Silver reward actually give you a better chance for plate, just make sure that you break all the parts to increase your chances, like head, tail and back.

  11. My two cents as a new player: spam investigations for those silver and gold rewards. In carving is rare, but it’s between “uncommon” and rare in rewards

  12. No... Monsters will only gain health once the second person joins (x 2.2 if not mistaken) and additional players will not add to the multiplier. If you were to disconnect in a party of 2 however, the monster's health will not scale down again.

  13. Yes, I think the left and right players are swapped every time.

  14. Hey, go to options--------gameplay-------there should be a helmet display option you can change that.

  15. How are temps at stock? 1.3 isn't at much for ryzen and shouldn't be hitting 95.

  16. Well at stock the max is 87 after running prime 95 for 15 mins. I am using the coolermaster masterbox lite 3.1 the

  17. Hmm so it comes with a single exhaust fan stock and doesn't have a top panel for heat to rise out of.

  18. Doubt it. I love how the SEA community is full of people who request for the unlikely or impossible. Free to play pls. On mobile pls. Launch now pls. Give Musa and Ran now pls. Ugh.

  19. Oh thanks. Well tbh I don't think that this that impossible or unlikely because it is already on steam for other regions.

  20. Omars Vs FAD E2000 Hey was looking for a budget pair of earbuds below 45$ and came across these 2. I usually listen to EDM but don't really care much for bass. I also enjoy nice, clear vocals. Also looking for something with medium sound isolation. If you have any other better suggestions please leave them below but keep in mind aesthetics are quite important to me.

  21. Yep. It's an A rank spear that's decent. Summoning it would be the better option

  22. What price is this 660Ti you're looking at? I'd suggest a 1050Ti as it'll easily do what you need and it's only £150.

  23. Maybe try looking at the 900 series cards? Look for 950s and 960s and any that have a Ti version.

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