2. Do you find these independent landlords tend own older apartments? Ones that I’ve seen typically don’t have i guess more updates amenities like in-unit laundry, garage parking, central ac.

  3. I couldn't tell you beyond my personal anecdotes. I was just lucky to find mine. But yes, it was an older building, which is also why it was rent-controlled. It had underground parking, but it only had a shared basement laundry room, and the A/C was an old (but effective) wall unit, but that was also fine because it was a studio and well-shaded.

  4. I’m glad you mentioned the amenities. Obviously, to each their own, but is the on-site coin laundry not a deal breaker for you? I’m from northern VA and majority of places have in-unit w/d and central ac, so I guess I’m a bit spoiled/used to a certain experience.

  5. He misspelled “iterating.” He’s asking which actors and actresses are gradually growing on you because of continually being exposed to iterations of their work and seeing them improve over time.

  6. Jeremy Irons in Dungeons and Dragons.

  7. That Verge article is great. I didn't even consider an immersion heater for my kit, but I'm definitely getting one now. I have a collapsible travel kettle right now, but it's bulky and pretty awkward to use.

  8. Is that 65% lower denominated in crypto, or denominated in US dollars? Because the market cap of the crypto market fell by MORE than 65%. Which would mean scam revenue denominated in crypto still went up.

  9. It's probably easier to find in-person support groups (e.g. book clubs, writing groups, networking events etc.) than in most other cities in the US. But it really depends on what career you're trying to pursue. You can be a writer pretty much anywhere, for example, and online writing groups are often just as good if not better than in-person groups, so why subject yourself to LA's cost of living? And other cities with much cheaper costs-of-living are (successfully) making a play at luring TV production out of LA with tax incentives and such, so those cities might be better places to start out in if you want to be involved in that side of the business, even if your ultimate goals lead you to LA eventually.

  10. I do think that ten episodes was way too short of a season to have three (arguably four) distinct arcs.

  11. Do you actually need a laptop at all?

  12. You make a very good point. As of now I do need a laptop for school. In the future this may not be the case.

  13. It depends on what you use a laptop for. I can confidently say I could write whole reports on my iPad if I wanted to. But I need a development setup for my work (and I needed one also for school, but that was a loooong time ago), so a tablet wouldn’t have worked for me for school.

  14. I drive a manual GT and have driven a manual for seven years, even though I live in LA and once had an hour and a half long commute that was only 15 miles long.

  15. I’m ok with that. I just worry that it will be unsafe or stressful having to worry about using the clutch at the right time and potentially hitting cars if I can’t react fast enough

  16. Oh, I stopped worrying about that within like a week of learning how to drive stick.

  17. This. I worldbuild because it's fun, not because I expect to launch some massive epic and become the next George Lucas. On the off chance something I write ever becomes successful I'll count that as a nice bonus.

  18. Here's a real hot take: George Lucas actually sucks at worldbuilding, and the entire reputation of Star Wars worldbuilding was actually carried on the back of the coolness of the Jedi/Sith and by countless authors of the Star Wars EU. 😝

  19. I would disagree. George Lucas is pretty good (or at least decent) at worldbuilding, he just sucks at writing. The idea of space wizards with magic swords fighting isn't super original, nor is anything else in star wars, but the way it's put together is, or at least was, very well done. And it's presented in a coherent and logical manner in the original trilogy. It's no Dune, but it's not as terrible as people generally assume. The prequels failed because Lucas was allowed to write most of the dialogue without anyone checking his work. The sequels failed because it was written first by a fanboy then an anti-fanboy, and overseen by someone with the planning capabilities of a stoat. The EU did generally do nothing but improve on the groundwork of Lucas and the originals I'll give you that, but some credit is deserved.

  20. I think Lucas did a great job at hinting at a greater universe around Star Wars by doing things like Leia and Obi-Wan name-dropping "Clone Wars" (note the plural), as well as Obi-Wan saying the Republic existed for "a thousand generations." But I don't think ANYTHING in the universe was actually fleshed out beyond whatever current script he was currently working on (and sometimes not even then; I'm pretty sure he improvised more than a few lines in the process of writing during filming), and all the rich details that fans love about Star Wars worldbuilding actually came from EU writers, which includes the various Star Wars visual encyclopedias that came out in the 80s and 90s.

  21. You kind of just described why I keep having troubles getting into the Malazan books. Too many of the characters are god level or near-god level.

  22. I think it makes individual scenes cool to read, but yeah, I couldn't get into them, either. I stopped after Deadhouse Gates.

  23. R. Scott Bakker has two simple little quirks to let his non-magical characters counter the power of mages: extreme rarity (there are only a few hundred worldwide), and a very specific extreme vulnerability that allows regular nobles to check their power (the Chorae).

  24. I think Disney has always been silently jealous that Pixar, not Disney Animation, has been considered to be the pinnacle of animated theatrical film since Toy Story, and they've been working for years to use Pixar talent to elevate Disney's own animated films.

  25. If you're really worried, talk your DM. They can do things like throw you more Intelligence-based skill rolls so that your character uncovers more information. Like, if you (the Player) are clueless about a riddle, your DM can help you out by looking directly at you and telling you to roll a skill check to figure out the riddle. It's not as fun as figuring out the riddle yourself, but the end result for your character is the same.

  26. Corrosion resistant, malleable, conductive, reflective. It's made a big jump from being money but it's definitely not useless.

  27. Only 3% of gold's value is based on how "useful" it is.

  28. You're splitting hairs. My point is that people had no real use for gold, but they thought it was pretty, so they used it for money because they had nothing else to use it for. That's where the myth that "gold is real money" came from.

  29. That’s more like the rent for a room than an apartment, especially in any neighborhood remotely connected with a “hip” scene.

  30. Also the Enterprise from Star Trek Generations.

  31. Morbidly, the scene in Thar Amphala when they come across three armored figures and decide to surprise attack them.

  32. Yeah but in the context of the Avengers it's pretty standalone. It also doesn't make a ton of sense because it implies he "gives up" making more Iron Man suits, but then he keeps making even more Iron Man suits in later movies.

  33. Why don't you start from the beginning with Iron Man?

  34. My guess is that KBB is just assuming baseline conditions, and they're thinking that if they adjust their value estimator, then sellers will adjust to sell over the new KBB value because they think that it's a seller's market.

  35. So this is the Joker sequel, right? This is where Arthur Fleck invents his laughing gas and Batman has to stop him?

  36. Yes, it's fine. It's not offensive if you exclude explicit racism, it just might feel sugarcoated/whitewashed.

  37. Tornado isn’t just software, it’s a service, and that’s why it can be sanctioned.

  38. Thats not how the sanction law works. Sanctions can be applied to properties of foreign entities. Tornado is not a property of any foreign entity.

  39. 2 and 3 couldn’t live up to the original… so no. The bar is low, so I’d hope they do well if they made a new one

  40. Weren’t 2 and 3 not made by the original team?

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